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Police message on the COVID-19 Rule of 6

Please respect the Rule of 6 to protect yourself and others. Residents and visitors in Devon and Cornwall are being urged to continue to play their part and prevent the spread of coronavirus after new regulations have come into effect making it illegal for groups of more than six people to gather socially. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the rule of 6 means that anyone gathering in a group of more than six people in any inside or outside place will be dispersed and could be subject to a £100 fine if they refuse to comply. Devon and Cornwall Police will maintain the approach of 4Es to the new legislation using engagement, education and encouragement to ask members of the public to comply with the regulations. Enforcement remains a final option.

Assistant Chief Constable Glen Mayhew said: “Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a shared effort and police will play a part alongside the Government, businesses, hospitality owners, local authorities and others.
The change to COVID-19 legislation, and subsequent change in the law, means everyone has a legal responsibility to play their part and not gather in a group of more than six people. The new rules are clear. We all have a personal responsibility for following them to help stop of the spread of a deadly virus.”

There are some exceptions to these rules, including if everyone in the group is a member of the same household or two linked households. The new regulations do not refer to schools or other childcare, education or training, the workplace, for voluntary charitable purposes or providing support to a vulnerable person. The regulations do apply to the majority of public spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Gatherings of more than six, but no more than thirty, may be permitted at weddings or civil partnerships, funerals and other religious or belief-based life cycle ceremonies. Police will have the ability to issue an on the spot £100 fixed penalty notice, which can rise to a maximum of £3,200 for repeat offending.

Assistant Chief Constable Mayhew added: “Demands on Devon & Cornwall Police, and the police service in general, are back to pre-COVID levels, making it even more important that people respect the change in the law and take personal responsibility. I hope that we do not need to enforce the legislation as people understand the importance of the measures to keep us all safe. In the circumstances where police do engage with a group, I hope they all disperse and we do not need to issue a fine, but the powers are there should officers need them. The pandemic has not gone away and everyone must play their part to protect themselves, their families and our communities. I know we are seeing large numbers of younger people returning to universities in our region and campus life is likely to be very different with these measures. The work of universities and student groups to prepare for the year ahead highlights how we can all adapt. But I would ask everyone to respect yourself, others and comply with the law to make Devon and Cornwall a safe place for all. If members of the public are concerned that the law is being broken or they are experiencing anti-social behaviour, they can report this to Devon and Cornwall Police. We will consider the most appropriate response and will target the most problematic behaviour. Reports should be made through online reporting wherever possible via “.

Full details of the guidance can be found on the Government website – You can also visit their frequently asked questions page which is updated regularly –

Pine tree removal on A38

As part of Highways England’s commitment to the environment and safety they’ll shortly begin the final phase of their pine removal scheme along the A38 in Cornwall. They will remove pines in a series of phases and where appropriate replace with indigenous species including Hazel and Hawthorn. This will improve biodiversity, encourage local flora and fauna to naturally regenerate and enhance the landscape. The native trees will provide enhanced low-level screening upon maturity. Removing pines will also bring safety benefits as they are prone to toppling in high winds. Works will take place late September to November. Where possible they’ll work during the daytime Monday to Friday. However, for some locations it may be necessary to work overnight, 8pm to 6am the following morning. They’ll endeavour to complete all noisiest works before 11pm and where possible use tree shears to minimise noise. Each location should take 2 to 3 days/nights to complete. Highways England offers apologies in advance for any inconvenience which may be caused. Some works will be carried out under lane closure and it may be necessary to close some laybys and slip roads whilst works take place. They’ll issues updates via advance roadside warning signs, but please also monitor For up to date information on all Highways England’s works in the South West please follow them on Twitter @HighwaysSWEST If you would like further information about this work, please contact Highways England Customer Contact Centre on Tel: 0300 123 5000 (open 24/7) or by email:

Cornish Buildings at Risk

The Cornish Buildings Group are leading a three-year Historic England/ Cornwall Heritage Trust grant funded project to identify and campaign for Cornish buildings at risk. The Group has maintained a register for buildings at risk since 2014 but has done so with volunteer support only. This funding will support a case officer who will have dedicated time to champion buildings at risk in the county. The aim of this project is to identify and monitor buildings at risk and seek solutions for neglected, redundant or derelict listed buildings. You can volunteer to support the project and/or report historic buildings or valued heritage assets which are either derelict or not being properly looked after to Attached is a Building at risk form v1 that will help to provide the project with some background local knowledge. The form and the current list of buildings are available on their website

Brown Willy Challenge: Robin’s Climb for NHS Gardens

On Saturday 3 October, Robin Hanbury-Tennison will be leading a walk from Jamaica Inn to Brown Willy and back to raise money to establish a Healing Garden at the Intensive Care Unit of Treliske Hospital. He is performing his latest challenge only 5 months after recovering from his lengthy stay in Derriford Hospital ICU this Spring suffering from a serious bout of Covid-19. He attributes an important part of his amazing recovery to the Derriford Healing Garden, the first in the country, where he regained consciousness listening to the birds and smelling the flowers. Robin, Louella and family hope these gardens will eventually roll out across the country in all hospitals with Intensive Care Units, and are so proud that Devon has the first one and Cornwall will have the second.

Robin’s Climb for NHS Gardens is in the final planning stages and you can view an inspirational video which is also on Robin’s GoFundMe page, that was shot by Ed Smit’s team at Carrick Road Studios. Everyone is welcome to join the walk on Saturday 3 October, or if you’d prefer to send him a donation by cheque please write it out to Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity (write ICU/Rehab ‘Secret’ Garden Fund on the back) and send it to Robin at The Old Deer House at Cabilla Manor, Bodmin, PL30 4DW. They would love as many people to donate as possible, however small, with the ambition to try to raise £100,000.  It seems like a huge sum but then Capt Tom Moore has shown what an old man with determination can do!

For more information on how to join the walk please see the attached Brown Willy Challenge.

Ancient woodland alive with amazing arachnids

Cardinham Woods has emerged as an unlikely hot spot for a number of scarce UK spiders. Tylan Berry, Cornwall Area Organiser for the UK’s Spider Recording Scheme, has identified more than 50 species in the forest, eight of which are the first official records for Cornwall:

1.Triangle Spider (Hyptiotes paradoxus): A scarce woodland spider that is especially fond of conifers. It is named after the triangular shaped web that it uses as a net to catch flying insects.

2. Crescent Comb Foot Spider (Parasteatoda lunata): This spider creates a messy tangle web between branches and hides in a rolled-up leaf that it hangs in the centre of the web.

3. Multicoloured Shiny Head Spider (Scotina celans): An uncommon and scarcely seen spider that lives in damp areas of moss and leaf litter in shaded woodlands.

4. Serrated Tongue Spider (Centromerus serratus): This rare and endangered money spider is currently only found in a dozen or so woodland locations in the south of the UK. It is named after the saw-like projection on the male palps.

5. Winter Litter Spider (Macrargus rufus): A larger and widespread money spider that is red in colour and found in leaf litter in the colder winter months.

6. Horn Palp Spider (Sintula corniger): Another scarce money spider that lives in coniferous woodland. This spider gets its name from the large horn-like palps of the male.

7. Pallid Little Eye Spider (Porrhomma pallidum): This money spider lives in dark areas such as under stones and logs. As its name suggests, it is a pale white colour and has small eyes which aren’t needed much in the dark places it lives.

8. Yellow Comb Tail Spider (Hahnia helveola): This tiny yellow spider lives in leaf litter in woodlands and is named after the very long row of spinnerets at the back of its abdomen, similar to a tarantula.

These characterful critters have all been found and identified in just one small area of the forest, leaving rangers wondering how many more amazing arachnids have made their home in the woodland.

Tylan explained: “Many people don’t stop to consider the wildlife that lives in a conifer plantation, but if you pause to look a little closer, the whole forest is alive. Finding a scarce species is always exciting and finding the first of its kind in a new location is even better. To find eight is remarkable and I plan to spend more time at Cardinham to see what else is thriving here. The habitat at Cardinham Woods is particularly interesting because the ground and the subterranean communities are much older than the existing forest and are very well established and productive. Alongside this, the forest is thoughtfully managed by Forestry England, with lots of different micro habitats being created and retained for spiders, and other creatures, that have different habitat requirements. This produces a rich diversity throughout the area which can be unusual in a woodland site.”

Cardinham Woods Ranger, Chris Mason, said: “Cardinham Woods is a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) which means that, as well as producing sustainable timber, we’re gradually managing the forest back to the way it would have been several hundred years ago. The forest’s unique character has produced a rich diversity of plants and creatures, which we support, protect, and improve as we manage the forest to thrive for generations to come. Tylan’s finds have been extraordinary and will be useful in helping us make the best decisions to care for the forest and the wildlife that lives here.”

Next time you’re walking at Cardinham Woods, take a closer look at the tree trunks, fences, logs, and banks to see what you can find. Take a photo of your discoveries and upload it to the iNaturalist app for help identifying your beastie, and to help build important records of UK wildlife. Download the free app at

Neighbourhood Watch National Impact Survey

The Neighbourhood Watch Network is excited to launch its first National Impact Survey and invites EVERYONE to take part. It doesn’t matter if you are part of Neighbourhood Watch or not, they want your views.  It will enable them to look at how Neighbourhood Watch impacts in our communities and identify the concerns surrounding crime, fear of crime and the increase in neighbourliness and community spirit. More information can be found here. The Survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete and can be found by following this link Impact Survey

WARNING – Suspicious people and activities

Please be alert for people or vehicles acting suspiciously as there have recently been a number of thefts of property and livestock in the area, as well as unknown people offering services such as tarmacing, gardening, tree lopping etc. If you notice anything suspicious or are sadly the victim of theft please report it to the Police using their 101 phone number. You can also alert our local Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters (Tel: 01208 269991, Mob: 07714-323897, Email chris.batters@cornwall who is keeping a log of incidents in the local Parishes so that intelligence can be shared. Most importantly do not put yourself at risk or in danger if challenging someone about their activities.

Coronavirus and the Countryside 

Please make sure to follow all advice and guidelines from the UK Government and World Health Organisation when out and about in the British countryside. To access the relevant advice, check out the following links:

UK Government:

World Health Organisation (WHO):

Countryside Code:

If you are out in the British countryside, given the current climate, it is more important than ever to stick to the Countryside Code. Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home, keep dogs under effective control and leave gates as you find them or follow instructions on signs.

You can find out more about the Countryside Code by clicking here.

Footpaths and Rights of Way:

Please use the following guidance from Defra in order to stay safe when out in the British countryside:

  • Stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily.
  • Keep more than 1 metre apart from anyone outside your household at all times.
  • If you have a garden, make use of the space for exercise and fresh air.
  • Take hygiene precautions when you are outside, and wash your hands as soon as you are back indoors.
  • If walking your dog in areas used by other people, you should walk your dog on a lead to ensure you can safely keep more than 1 metre away from others. You can find further guidance for pet owners here.

UPDATE: Changed day for Baker Tom’s Mobile Bread Van in Cardinham

It now looks as if Baker Tom’s Bread Van will visit Cardinham for about 30 minutes each week at 10 am on Fridays (instead of Mondays), starting on 24 July. The Van will continue to sell freshly baked bread, buns and cakes, as well as flour and eggs. Customers are reminded to ensure that social distancing is maintained, and to use contactless payment if at all possible, or exact cash amounts as change can’t be given. Further details can be found on their website.

Anyone for Tennis!

The Cardinham Tennis Court is now open again for Sports Club members only, and with special socially distancing measures in place. Full details can be found on their website

Cardinham Airfield – Message from the Flying Club

We’ll be reopening the airfield for limited operations from Monday 18th May following a declaration from the Department for Transport that non-commercial aviation is once again allowed. We will be observing all hygiene and social distancing protocols, which means there can be no flight training or experience flights as people cannot be kept two metres apart. The majority of flights at Bodmin are of these types, so activity should be well down on what you’re used to. There may however be a spike in flights in the early days as pilots regain their currency. At the moment we are considering reopening the airfield to visiting aircraft in a couple of weeks, possibly Monday 1st June.

Useful contacts providing support


Shopping, Prescription Collections, Dog Walking etc.

Contact coordinators Shirley 821304, Julia 821216 or Gill 821745


Samaritans Phone Number: Freephone 116 123 or email



Shopping help during COVID 19 (coronavirus) crisis

The following information on supermarket opening times and home delivery services may help people during the current health crisis. Everyone, and particularly the elderly and vulnerable, must try to minimise their personal contact with others (ie appropriate social distancing) and limit their travel so that we can keep safe, reduce the pressure on our NHS and beat this terrible disease.

Supermarket opening

Home deliveries


Just a reminder about Cardinham Helpline which was set up in 1995 as a voluntary caring organisation to assist anyone in the Parish. Their work normally falls into three categories:

DRIVING – Transport to appointments, hospitals, clinics, local surgeries and day centres. Unfortunately suspended during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

PRACTICAL WORK – Local shopping, fetching prescriptions, changing library books. Accompanying to shops, or on walks. Cooking an occasional meal. Sitting with the elderly or sick to give carers a break. Emergency babysitting, small jobs in the house or garden on a temporary basis. We can also help with form filling.

SUPPORT/BEFRIENDING – visiting, supply a friendly listening ear and help in finding appropriate professional expertise.

Unfortunately all lunches and afternoon teas have been suspended until further notice.

They also publish a Parish Directory which is delivered to newcomers to the Parish, so if you have slipped through the net and would like a copy please contact Rosemary Rowe, its secretary, and she will ensure you receive a copy. Telephone 01208 821225

For any help or information regarding Helpline, please contact one of its Co-ordinators: Shirley Searle: Telephone 01208 821304 or Gill Long: Telephone 01208 821745

Local Updates

Helpline Lunches and Afternoon Teas cancelled until further notice.


Millpool Chapel Services suspended until further notice

St Meubred’s Cardinham services suspended until further notice. We would like to remind people that the church is open during the day for individual prayer.

Hall Events: Film Club (21st March) and Pop Up Pub (4th April) cancelled. Further dates TBC.

Bodmin Way – support network

Keeping safe and keeping well – the Bodmin Way vigil – a message from Rev Paul Holley on behalf of the Bodmin Way:

We want to support the health and wellbeing of people in these difficult times and also encourage people to keep an eye on their vulnerable neighbours.

We want to spread the word around Bodmin and local villages about people and organisations, like our Bodmin Way, that can guide others and help them.

This week we will be inviting our town’s organisations and businesses to declare what they are doing now and what they hope to do in the future.

By the end of this week we will create pages on our Bodmin Way website ( containing this information and start to share information regularly from our Bodmin Way FaceBook page to local FaceBook groups such as Bodmin’s Voice .

By the end of this month a newsletter will also be distributed by email and where necessary on paper.

If you are an organisation or individual that can offer help or advice then email without delay or just add a comment on this post.

To keep informed you can follow the Bodmin Way on FaceBook and if you want to subscribe to our newsletter please email

COVD 19 tips

Our local First Responder Ana Jackson has provided the following useful tips if you do get the virus:

I know we’re all tired of hearing/talking about it, but one thing I HAVEN’T really seen going around is advice for what happens if you DO get coronavirus (many of us will), we’re only seeing advice for how to try to AVOID it.

Things you should *actually* buy ahead of time: Kleenex, Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) in 500 mg tablets, strepsils/any other lozenges and whatever your cough medicine of choice is.

If you don’t have a humidifier, that would also be a good thing to get. (You can also just turn the shower on hot and sit in the bathroom breathing in the steam). Also a good time to make a big batch of your favorite soup to freeze and have on hand.

If you have a history of asthma and you have a prescription inhaler, make sure the one you have isn’t expired and refill it/get a new one if it is.

You basically just want to prepare as though you know you’re going to get a nasty respiratory bug like bronchitis or pneumonia. You just have the foresight to know it’s coming.

For symptom management, use the meds I mentioned. For a fever over 38.3, take Paracetamol (not Ibuprofen) every 6 hours. Use both cough suppressants and expectorants (most cough meds have both). Drink a ton, hydrate hydrate. Rest lots.

If you’re sick, you should not be leaving your house except to go to the doctor, and if you do, wear a mask (regular is fine, you don’t need an N95). YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO A&E unless you are having trouble breathing or your fever is very high and unmanaged with meds.

90% of healthy adult cases thus far have been managed at home with basic rest/hydration/over-the-counter meds. We don’t want to clog A&Es unless you’re actually in distress. The hospital beds will be used for people who actively need oxygen/breathing treatments/IV fluids.

If you have a pre-existing lung condition (COPD, emphysema, lung cancer) or are on immunosuppressants, now is a great time to talk to your PCP or specialist about what they would like you to do if you get sick. They might have plans to get you admitted and bypass the emergency department entirely.

One major relief to you parents is that kids do VERY well with coronavirus— they usually bounce back in a few days, no one under 18 has died, and almost no kids have required hospitalisation (unless they have a lung disease like CF). Just use pediatric dosing of the same meds.

Advice from Neighbourhood Watch on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

You will all be aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Neighbourhood Watch exists to look out for communities across England and Wales and at a time like this we encourage you to consider ways to keep yourself, your loved ones and those in your community safe, particularly the isolated and vulnerable. We are following the advice from the government and encourage you to do the same:

10 ways you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your community:

  1. Meet with household members, other relatives, friends and neighbours to discuss what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community and what the needs of each person will be.
  2. If your neighbourhood has a website or social media page, consider joining it to maintain access to neighbours, information, and resources. Alternatively, share phone numbers and email addresses particularly with those who are isolated or vulnerable.
  3. Consider establishing a ‘buddy’ system within your community to ensure everyone stays connected to COVID-19 related news, services and can receive support safely, such as essentials deliveries.
  4. Plan ways to care for those who might be at greater risk for serious complications.
  5. Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy.
  6. Learn how to self-isolate. Guidance can be found on the NHS website:
  7. Create a list of local organisations that you and your neighbours can contact in the event that one of you need access to information, healthcare services, support, or resources. Consider including organisations that provide mental health or counselling services, food, and other supplies.
  8. Create an emergency contact list of family, friends, neighbours, healthcare providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.
  9. Learn about the emergency operations plan at your child’s school or childcare facility, and your employer’s emergency operations plan.
  10. Practice everyday preventive actions including regular hand washing.
    1. The NHS provides guidance on how to wash hands:
    2. The World Health Organisation provides guidance on basic protective measures:
    3. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidance on handwashing for families

Please note: whilst we encourage you to follow advice from UK Government we are also sharing links to organisations such as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention an agency which works 24/7 to protect the safety, health, and security of America from threats here and around the world. Some of our key points above have been sourced from:

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also published (14th February 2020) Interim Guidance for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Homes and Residential Communities which you may find useful:

Bodmin Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter

The February edition of the Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter for the local area can be found here If you have any comments or feedback please contact:
Keith Charman 61082, Bodmin Area Watch Coordinator & Communications Administrator, Bodmin Police Station, Toll Gate Road, Bodmin, PL31 FJ;

A30 Temple to Shallowater eastbound resurfacing

Highways England will shortly be undertaking works on the A30 between Temple and Shallowater eastbound to resurface the road and replace the lining, studs and weather station loops. Work will be done overnight when there are fewer vehicles on the road. For the safety of workers a convoy system will be in operation. During these overnight works it will be necessary to close the central reservation gap at Temple Quarry. Westbound traffic wishing to use the gap will be directed to continue to the new Temple Tor overbridge, turn and return via the A30 eastbound carriageway. Residents wishing to
travel westbound will be directed to travel eastbound, turn at Cannaframe and rejoin the
A30 westbound to continue their journey. Access to properties for residents whilst convoy working is in place will be maintained.
Start: evening of 9 March 2020
End: morning of 26 March 2020
Hours of work: Monday to Friday overnight 8pm to 6am
Unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions may lead to changes.
Impact on the local community and travelling public will be kept to a minimum.
If you have any queries or comments about the work, or would like further information
please contact Highways England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000 or by

Talk on Concorde at Cardinham Airfield 

There’s a rare AEROCLUB treat in store on Wednesday March 11th when we welcome the very last Concorde pilot, Captain Les Brodie, to Bodmin/Cardinham Airfield to talk about the supersonic airliner for which he was British Airways Training Manager during its final years in service. Capt Brodie has the distinction of having commanded the last-ever Concorde flight, delivering G-BOAF to Filton on November 26th 2003. The first British Concorde had taken off from the same runway on April 9th, 1969. Alpha Foxtrot is now the centrepiece of the Bristol Aerospace Museum at Filton. Please contact the duty manager on 01208 821419 to book your place especially if you wish to dine at Diner31. (meals are available from 18.00).

Railway Engineering Works

Great Western Railways are undertaking various engineering works in Devon and Cornwall in February, March and April:

  • Track renewals and viaduct waterproofing will take place between Truro and Penzance between Saturday 15 and Sunday 23 February, and on the St Ives Bay Line between Saturday 15 and Tuesday 18 February, with buses replacing rail services. To find out more, visit
  • Buses will replace trains on the branch line between Liskeard and Looe for bridge renewals from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 March. To find out more, visit
  • Buses will replace trains between Crediton and Barnstaple from Monday 30 March to Sunday 5 April whilst Network Rail renews track on the branch line. This is similar to the work that was completed in October/November last year

Network Rail will also be using this time to renew track through Camborne as well as waterproofing the viaduct in Hayle.

To follow this, there will be a series of other improvement works:

·         Sunday 1 March – buses replace trains between Truro and Penzance (including the St Ives Bay Line). This is a planned follow-up on the back of the main closure

·         Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 March – Buses will replace trains on the branch line between Liskeard and Looe for bridge renewals. To find out more, visit

·         Sunday 8 March – buses replace trains between Liskeard and Truro (including the Atlantic Coast Line to Newquay)

·         Weekends of 14/15 and 21/22 March – buses replace trains on the Atlantic Coast Line. Buses will start/terminate at St Austell instead of Par

This important investment in the South West’s railways will improve resilience, reducing delays and helping us to keep the new and improved timetable working well.

Update on Bodmin Moor Ancestry Project

I’m pleased to announce that Jodie Lampert, who has been researching the ancestry of surnames in the 12 Parishes on Bodmin Moor as part of her PhD thesis on the history and population dynamics of Cornwall at Leicester University, has successfully completed her Doctorate. Well done Jodie!

Many of the surnames that she was interested in were well represented in the Cardinham area. She made some surprising discoveries including a significant difference between a few of the variants on the Y chromosomes between the Cornish samples versus those of Devon – this is most likely due to the higher levels of Anglo-Saxon immigration into Devon than into Cornwall. As for Bodmin Moor, the Y chromosomes of the 47 local samples that were assessed proved to be more similar to those of Devon than to the Cornish ones – she attributed this to the closer proximity of the Moor to Devon, than to west Cornwall (where most of the Cornish samples came from). Most of the thesis is readable but you can skip to Chapter 4 – to see the surnames used – and Chapter 7 – to see the results explained (hopefully) clearly.

Jodie sends her thanks to everyone who helped in her research which has inspired a great love of Bodmin Moor in her and convinced her to holiday here whenever she can! She is also willing to field any questions on her past and future Cornish ancestry projects, as well as recommendations where to visit and stay on her future trips. She can be contacted through her website

Old Photos of Cardinham Parish Wanted

Do you have any old photographs of Cardinham and the surrounding area. If so please would you like to let us have a copy? It would be really good to compile an online photographic archive of our Parish which would not only be of general interest to people now living here but also as lasting record of the past for the future.

One specific interest is of St Meubred’s Church, and in particular photos taken from the south side showing the fir tree growing out of the grave to the left of the path.  We are interested to try and estimate the age and growth rate of the fir tree that emerges from the grave of the Reverend Thomas Grylls (1790-1845), who was an eminent 19th Century Rector of St Meubred’s for 31 years, as its root ball masks any inscriptions that might be on the base of the cross which stands at the head of the grave and next to that of one of Thomas’ sons, Humphry Millett Grylls.

Any information or photographs showing this area would be gratefully received to assist in the extensive research of the Grylls family currently being undertaken by a distant descendant.

Many thanks in anticipation for any old photos of Cardinham you would like to share so that we can preserve the heritage of our beautiful Parish. Please send them to

A38 road improvements and closures

The Highways Agency is undertaking road improvements on the A38 over the next 6 months between Twowatersfoot and Drift Lane. This is necessary to stabilise the road edge, widen the road, install new safety barriers and improve drainage. Several trees will be removed but these will be kept to a minimum and there will be replanting afterwards. Most of the work will take place at night and avoid holiday periods.

Road closures will be in place between 8.30 pm and 6 am during the periods:
6th to 31st January; 16th to 27th March; 14th to 27th April; 8th June to 6th July

The 98th Land’s End Trial 11th April 2020

The Motor Cycling Club will be passing through the Parish again this year on Easter Saturday 11th April as part of its annual Land’s End Trial. The competitors will arrive as usual from the direction of Mount, passing through Cardinham village and on towards the A30. They will be using one ‘observed section’ in Cardinham Woods and two sections plus a Test in Laneskin Wood.  They are also planning to use Warleggan Hill again this year prior to arriving in the woods.  They will have experienced marshals and good signage in the woods and the competitors will take the utmost care throughout the area.

Bodmin Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter

The January edition of the Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter for the local area can be found here. If you have any comments or feedback please contact:
Keith Charman 61082, Bodmin Area Watch Coordinator & Communications Administrator, Bodmin Police Station, Toll Gate Road, Bodmin, PL31 FJ;

More Life Saving Defibrillators in the Parish

As some of you may have noticed, we now have three Community Access AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in the Parish. This is great news as the swift use of a Defibrillator in a cardiac emergency along with performing CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) on the casualty until the Ambulance arrives, really does save lives. For those of you living in the South-East of the Parish, there is another Defibrillator outside the Village Hall in Mount.

Our two new Defibrillators, courtesy of generous funding from the Callybarrett Wind Turbine Community Fund and the National Lottery, have been installed by FLEET/Duchy Defibrillators on the outside wall of the Chapel in Millpool and beside the Common in Littledowns. The cabinet housing the original Defibrillator in the old telephone box opposite the School in Cardinham has been upgraded. Thanks must also go to the people who are “hosting” the new installations, as well as to those volunteers who respond and help in an emergency.

Although AEDs are easy and safe to use, and will automatically “talk you through” exactly what to do in an emergency, it’s very useful if you’re able to attend a short training session to learn first hand how to use the equipment and perform CPR in a relaxed atmosphere before you might need to act in earnest. We will be offering sessions over the coming months in Cardinham and Millpool, and are also looking for people who would like to host small groups of friends and neighbours in their own homes for training. In this way we can get the message spread widely across the Parish, so please let us know if you would like to host a session.

In the meantime, please make sure you know where the closest Defibrillator to you is located, and ideally find yourself a personal “Defib Buddy” who you can ring in an emergency and ask to collect the Defibrillator for you and help administer CPR with you until Paramedics and the Ambulance arrive. You can also offer to be a “Buddy” for your friends.

Your first action in any emergency of course is to ring 999 to request an Ambulance. All of the information you need on what to do in a cardiac emergency and how to give CPR is on the Red Card that the Parish Council sent out to all households last year – the only change is that you now have to ask the Ambulance Control Phone Operator to give you the key code so that you can unlock the cabinet to get the Defibrillator.  If your Card has been mislaid you can get a replacement from me. Full details are also on our website

If you feel you can offer to help, we’re looking for volunteers who could monitor our AED cabinets every so often or join our small Support Network of people who respond to emergency alerts, if they are available, and go to where the Defibrillator has been taken to assist before the Paramedics arrive. In the longer term it would be fantastic if the Parish could develop its own First Responder Network of trained people able to administer a range of First Aid to casualties. If you have any thoughts on this, please let us know.

If you want to know anything more or think you can help, please let me know by emailing  or by contacting the Parish Council directly. Many thanks in anticipation!

CORMAC winter schedule

CORMAC winter maintenance activities have officially started, with the first gritting run of the season on 7 November. As temperatures start to drop further, their crews are on 24-hour standby and ready to keep the county moving. We all recognise severe weather can be very disruptive to road users so maintaining availability and reliability of the highway network is a key objective of their winter maintenance service.

 The policy framework which is set by Cornwall Council aims to provide an efficient winter service which permits the safe movement of road users in Cornwall and keep delays to a minimum. However, given the available resources involved in delivering a winter service, CORMAC cannot guarantee that all parts of the highway network will be kept free from snow and ice at all times.

 Thanks to the feedback CORMAC received at the engagement sessions and focus groups earlier in the year, they are starting to develop a series of fact sheets, the first edition, Winter maintenance fact sheet CC , gives information about how they plan their winter maintenance activities. CORMAC’s commitment to you is to use the resources they have in the most effective way, to keep as many people as possible as safe as possible when travelling on our Cornish roads during adverse weather conditions. Here are some Gritting facts and figures

 You can view the areas CORMAC will salt over the next 24 hours by following the council’s twitter account @CornwallCouncil or by using the online mapping systemFurther operational updates are posted on @CormacLtd. They hope this information will help you to remain informed and to better understand where you can find up-to-date information. While they always do their best to deliver to their programme dates for all other works, emergencies and gritting will always take priority, which they hope you will understand.

 Please take extra care when driving in dangerous conditions, especially if the roads are icy or frosty, or if it’s snowing. Always drive according to the conditions.

South East Cornwall Native Woods Initiative

Richard Dorling is the Tree Warden for St Keyne Parish Council and is in the process of setting up a voluntary organisation “South East Cornwall Native Woods”. This is an opportunity to harness the enthusiasm people have for trees, bringing together those with land and volunteers who would like to help reforest the region.

The initiative will be tying in with the the Forest For Cornwall plans, concentrating on engaging the South East of Cornwall in this project. Saplings will be provided by the Woodland Trust and a minimal requirement for tools means the project can operate at no cost. Creating an organisation covering South East Cornwall will increase the number of opportunities to share resources, manpower and expertise.

Richard would like to hear from anyone who would like to get involved and promote this scheme where possible. Contact details: Email:; Facebook page:  South East Cornwall Native Woods

Assessing demand for Bodmin based Community Bus

A message and request for information from Carol Randall of Willow, a managed collaborative community of people who wish to play a part in the creation of a financially sustainable future for wellness in later life in Cornwall:

As you probably already know, there is a desperate need in Bodmin and its outlying parishes for more affordable community transport. There are many people who would like to come into town and visit shops and activities but can’t because of the absence of accessible and affordable transport. There are also groups, like Age Concern Bodmin, who would organise more activities if transport was available.  There are also schools and clubs who find the available commercial bus hire charges too expensive to use as  much as they would like.

I have been chatting with a number of people about how we might be able to make this happen and get a minibus of some kind. Barry Cornelius from the Lanivet Community Hall and Andy Lyle from Concern Wadebridge have both been helping me with this and are interested to work together on this.

A very generous offer of help from Andy Lyle has given us an opportunity to run a Community Bus in Bodmin for a trial period of six months.  When the trial period is completed satisfactorily and demand is proven to be sufficient to sustain costs, we can review the best way forward. The goal is to have at least one Community Bus for use by residents of Bodmin and the outlying parishes.

The bus will be a community asset that can be hired for a fee to cover costs. It is important to note that there will be a charge for all trips. This is required to cover the costs of the bus but charges will be kept to a minimum.  This will be a community service not a profit- making service. However, without sponsorship, the bus has to be maintained and administered so there are costs that need to be met. The more the bus is utilised the lower we can keep the hire charge.   So, until we can determine the probable usage we cannot know the precise cost.  The bus will be available for hire by anyone within the Bodmin and outlying parishes area for any non-profit-making purpose.  So, schools, sports clubs, churches, voluntary organisations of all kinds and even individuals will be able to hire the bus on a regular or one-off basis, subject to availability and any necessary vetting.

But first we have to assess whether there is sufficient demand to sustain a bus. Please click on this link to download a questionnaire  designed to help to assess the potential demand. If you , or your organisation, would be interested to use the bus in the trial period please do complete the questionnaire and return to me on   Please don’t be put off by the technology. If you are having problems with filling out the form just let me know and we can work something out.

I am also keen to hear from anyone interested to be a volunteer driver or sponsor or just to support this initiative. If people don’t get involved at this stage the bus won’t happen so, please share this page as widely as you can to get as many people involved as possible. Many thanks

Helicopter Pilot Training over the Parish

There have been a number of complaints recently about commercial helicopters flying low over the Parish. These concerns were aired in an article published in the Parish Magazine in which it was asserted that Cornwall Flying Club had signed a contract with Cobham Helicopter Academy allowing them to carry out training of helicopter pilots from Bodmin/Cardinham Airfield.

Cornwall Flying Club which operates Bodmin Airfield has issued a statement confirming its desire to exist in harmony with the local community, as it has tried to do for almost 50 years. It states that it has not contracted with Cobham which is based at Newquay Airport and does the vast majority of its training there or elsewhere in the area. Bodmin Airfield is available to any aircraft that can safely use its facilities, and often plays host to the Air Ambulance, the Police, Navy, Army, RAF and private helicopters. Cobham helicopters visit Bodmin on the same basis as any other aircraft, and contrary to reports, visit the area on average only several times a month for short periods and are not doing continuous circuits over the Parish.

Cardinham Flying Club does everything in its power to reduce disturbance to local residents, and has impressed upon all helicopter operators, including Cobham, that: training circuits from runway 31/13 must be flown to the west over the open fields between the airfield and Bodmin town; all circuits on runway 21/03 must be flown to the north over the fields on the opposite side of the A30 from Cardinham and Millpool; no helicopter shall fly over Millpool; and on approach to runway 31 or climb-out from runway 13, helicopters should turn before overflying Cardinham. These instructions are part of the standard Bodmin Airfield Procedure for Noise Abatement, available on its website.

Bodmin Airfield Training Circuits

Cornwall Flying Club Ltd is a not-for-profit enterprise and represents a unique training opportunity for SW residents. Over the last half century more than 1,000 pilots, most from Cornwall and Devon, have qualified at Bodmin, and many have gone on to rewarding careers in aviation with the military or commercial airlines. In addition, the Bodmin Airfield-based charity FOG – Feet Off the Ground – works hard for many worthy causes, especially with children and young adults. There is a standing invitation for local resdients to visit the Airfield to talk about how its operations are run, and how it could possibly do better. Also its café, Diner 31, run by Cardinham residents Keith and Dottie Elderkin, is open five days a week, and everyone is welcome. It’s hoped that residents will take up these opportunities.

Devon & Cornwall Police Alert

  • There has been fraudulent activity at the victim’s bank and the staff at the bank are involved, the victim is then asked to withdraw money to either keep it safe or assist the police with their investigation
  • A business such as a jewellers or currency exchange is fraudulent and they require the victim’s assistance to help secure evidence by purchasing jewellery or exchange a large amount of currency to hand over to the police
  • The victim’s card has been compromised and used to purchase goods by a suspect, the victim is requested to withdraw their money to keep it safe or hand over their bank card to the police
  • Occasionally the victim will be told to dial a non-emergency extension of ‘161’ to receive confirmation of the individual’s bogus identity, the bogus official will advise the victim to lie about the reason for the withdrawal or purchase if challenged by staff, as the staff member is involved in the fraud
  • A courier attends the victim’s home address to collect the goods the same day, often the victim is given a code word for the courier as a way of authentication

What you need to do
Your bank or the police will never:

  • Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password
  • Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping
  • Ask you to transfer money out of your account
  • Send someone to your home to collect cash, PINs, cards to cheque books

From: Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

RNAS Culdrose Emergency Exercise on Fore Downs

RNAS Culdrose will be holding its annual Post Crash Management exercise at the Firing Range on Foredowns from the 24th-27th June. The purpose of this is to test its response in the unlikely event of an Aircraft Crash away from the Base. It will involve a Training Airframe being placed at the site, and their own Fire Rescue Teams and Medics will be working with the County Emergency Services during the exercise. Anyone living close by may see and hear response vehicles arriving, and the site will be secured over at least one night as it would be in a real situation to protect the scene from tampering. We have been asked to tolerate the inevitable disturbance and inconvenience this important emergency exercise will cause, and not to go onto Foredowns during this period unless absolutely necessary.

More Defibrillators for Cardinham Parish

It has recently been announced that the Callybarrett Wind Turbine Trust has provided a generous financial award to Cardinham Parish Council to fund a second Community Defibrillator in our Parish. In addition we have just heard that a bid to the Lottery Fund has also been successful so we will be able to install a third Defib in Littledowns and upgrade our existing one in Cardinham to the latest technology. Plans are underway to finalise the details so that these life saving additions to our local capabilities can be installed as soon as possible. Further training on when and how to use defibs, as well as other first aid tips, will be arranged in due course. Everyone is reminded to keep their Emergency Red Card close to their phone, and to try and arrange a personal Defib Buddy who could bring the nearest Defib to you in the unfortunate event of a cardiac emergency, whilst you continue to administer CPR until the Ambulance arrives.

How to protect yourself from Cyber Crime

Following the interesting and important talk at our Annual Parish Meeting by Grahame Mace from the Devon & Cornwall Police Digital Capabilities Unit, here are some helpful tips on what to look out for and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of Cyber Crime:

1. The Metropolitan Police’s ‘Little Book of Cyber Scams’ covers everything we didn’t in the presentation:

– It’s definitely worth printing off to have at hand for specific guidance.

 2. Get Safe Online:

– A great site which gives advice for individuals, businesses and children on all aspects of internet safety.

 3. Take Five to Stop Fraud:

– Advice on financial and banking fraud

4. The National Cyber Security Centre:

– The NCSC is the governments ‘arm’ of cyber.  Lots of information on latest threats, incident management and guidance

5. Another useful tool is to input your email address into the ‘Have I Been Pwned’ website and the site will advise if your address has been involved in a data breach:

– Very useful to check this if you are receiving a lot of spam email in your account.  If you find that your account has been compromised, change your password immediately.

6. Reporting fraud and Cyber Crime to Action Fraud:  Telephone number 0300 1232040:

The Bodmin Way

A new walking, cycling or driving trail has been created by the Churches in the Bodmin Team Ministry to encourage locals and tourists to visit five churches in the surrounding Parishes: St Meubred’s in Cardinham, St Petroc’s in Bodmin, St Stephen’s in Nanstallon,  Lanivet Parish Church and St Hydrock’s in Lanhydrock.

Full details can be found at

Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 8 May

The Annual Cardinham Parish Meeting was held in the Hall on Wednesday 8 May. This was a good chance to hear what’s going on in and around our Parish as well as to ask questions. Attendees were also treated to excellent talks on how to protect ourselves from the ever present threat of Cyber Crime, and also what we should all be trying to do personally to help combat Climate Change. It was also announced that our Tourist Information Hub is now operational in the Bus Shelter in Cardinham, and Parishioners were asked to help protect it from potential vandalisation by regularly keeping an eye open for any suspicious activity in the vicinity. We were also urged to treat our Parish with respect, not to drop litter and to clean up after our dogs.

Levow Kesson Mixed Voice Choirs

Levow Kesson Mixed Voice Choirs are run by Musical Director Heather Taylor, and meet in St Neot Chapel Schoolroom every Tuesday evening, arriving 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.  Subs are £2.  Members are drawn from across South East Cornwall, and anyone of all levels and abilities wishing to have a taster session or join will be warmly welcomed.  Further details on the Choirs can be found here

Cornwall Family History Society

The Cornwall Family History Society (CFHS) is a charity that was established over 40 years ago to help promote genealogical research and to aid people with their family history questions. For the past several years it has focused on expanding its online presence and advertising to those people whose ancestors left our county. However, with the temporary closure of the Cornwall Record Office (CRO) ahead of its impending move, the CFHS has decided it is time to focus more on it roots. Further information can be found here or on its website

Information for Visitors and Tourists

Cardinham has its own Tourist Information Hub, located in the redecorated bus shelter across the road from the school next to the defibrillator. This houses a large map showing the footpaths and bridleways in the area, together with a new Parish Noticeboard and Posters highlighting interesting facts and points of interest. There are also super packs of leaflets, produced with the Bodmin Information Centre and the Bodmin Community Network, giving background information on Cardinham and our surrounding areas – Blisland, Bodmin, Helland, Lanhydrock, Lanivet and Withiel.

Brochure pic

Copies of the Posters on Points of Interest around Cardinham Parish and on St Meubred’s Church, as well as the Leaflets, can be downloaded.

So spread the word to find out and explore Cardinham and our surrounding areas – we live in a beautiful and interesting place!

Looking for that new or different exercise regime? 

Then it may be time for you to try Morris Dancing

You have probably seen Trigg Morris out and about enjoying performing their dances & putting on a show. It is now time when those with an aspiration for the Morris Dance are invited to enlist as Dancers or Musicians. Perhaps you do not fancy Cricket or Rugby, so this may be just  the team sport for you, especially if you have half an an ear for the music. Whether a novice or experienced you should soon be able to perform with style.

Members of the Side come from all over the Eastern half of Cornwall, so there may well be someone near you who is part of the action, therefore do not let distance be an issue.

Trigg Men enjoy entertaining the Public on a regular basis from May to September, and occasionally at other times, but all gatherings will end with some socialising that generates the camaraderie that is usual amongst Morris Sides.

We currently hold weekly practices on Thursday Evenings in Lanivet at 8 pm, so if you feel it is for you please get in touch.

To see more have a look at our website or Facebook page, then email or call Roger on 01208 73907.

Building local capabilities to cope with medical emergencies

Following the installation of the Defibrillator in the telephone box in Cardinham for use by our Community if needed for a cardiac arrest, and our publicity campaign to raise awareness what to do in an emergency and encourage people to have a Defib Buddy, the Parish Council is now hoping to be able to fund additional Defibrillators in Millpool and Little Downs over the coming year. This will extend the coverage in our Parish of life saving equipment for use in the event of cardiac emergencies. Our local abilities would be further enhanced if we could expand our band of volunteers who would be willing to help in an emergency. So if you might be interested in volunteering to become a Defib Buddy, an informed Helper, a trained First Aider, or even an Ambulance First Responder, please contact us directly or via the website for further information. The responsibilities are not time consuming or onerous but would be invaluable if an emergency occurs in a local household, and could save lives.

Cardinham Helpline – an invaluable local resource

Cardinham Helpline was set up in 1995 as a voluntary caring organisation to assist anyone in the Parish.  Our work falls into three categories:

DRIVING – Transport to appointments, hospitals, clinics, local surgeries and day centres.

PRACTICAL WORK – Local shopping, fetching prescriptions, changing library books.  Accompanying to shops, or on walks.  Cooking an occasional meal.  Sitting with the elderly or sick to give carers a break.  Emergency babysitting,   small jobs in the house or garden on a temporary basis.  We can also help with form filling.

SUPPORT/BEFRIENDING – visiting, supply a friendly listening ear and help in finding appropriate professional expertise.

MONTHLY LUNCH CLUB – for those living in the Parish in Cardinham Parish Hall on the third Thursday of each month, excepting August, at 12.45pm.  To book lunch please call Julia 01208 821216 or Shirley 01208 821304

We also publish a Parish Directory which is delivered to newcomers to the Parish, so if you have slipped through the net and would like a copy please contact Rosemary Rowe, our secretary, and she will ensure you receive a copy. Telephone 01208 821225

For any help or information regarding Helpline, please contact one of our Co-ordinators:  Shirley Searle:  Telephone 01208 821304 or Gill Long: Telephone 01208 821745

You can help the hungry

Foodbanks which distribute essential supplies to the needy are unfortunately a sign of our times. They rely totally on donations from the local community for the food to give to people who can’t supply enough for themselves and their families. You can help by donating food and dropping it off at local collections points in Millpool Methodist Chapel and St Meubred’s Church for onward distribution via the Bodmin Christian Fellowship to local families. Full details can be found here

What you can do to save a life

Cardinham Parish Council has sent an informative letter and reminder card to all households in the Parish explaining what people can do to help if someone has a cardiac arrest in their home. It is suggested that everyone asks someone living close to their nearest defibrillator to become their personal Defib Buddy who they can call in an emergency to bring the defibrillator and help give Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) until an ambulance arrives. This needs to be done quickly just before ringing 999 for an ambulance and asking for the defibrillator cabinet to be unlocked, as the phone line will be held by the Emergency Operator to give advice once they have been called. Further details can be found on the Defibrillator and Dealing with a Cardiac Arrest pages.

If you would like to offer to be someone’s Defib Buddy to help them in an emergency, please send your name and contact details to Julie Best, the Chair of Cardinham Parish Council

Cycling Church

St Meubred’s has become the first Cycling Church in the UK. Early in October Bishop Chris of St Germans dedicated the newly installed Cycle Prayer Station which has been gloriously decorated by pupils from Cardinham Primary School.

Cycle church 1

St Meubred’s Church wanted to make it known that it especially welcomes cyclists and walkers who are enjoying the delights of the surrounding countryside. People are invited to bring their thoughts and prayers to the Prayer Station by tying ribbons to the bicycle or writing on and attaching luggage labels. The original idea came from a member of the congregation who sadly lost a close friend who had been passionate about cycling. More details on the Prayer Station can be found here

Building Better Opportunities Project

The Building Better Opportunities Project is an EU and Lottery funded initiative aimed at helping unemployed people (aged 18 upwards) in Cornwall to improve their lives & move closer towards paid employment see here for more details). The Project can assist people by helping them overcome barriers as well as helping them access and engage with services including training, education and work experience that will move them closer to their personal work aims and objectives in a person centred way.

Graham Baskerville holds a keyworker role in this Project and works for the Charity  Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change (see here for more details). Graham aims to help the individual focus on preparing a work focussed plan and helps in facilitating logical steps to bring them closer to their goal. Friendly, regular contact and reviews also help ensure participants in the Project feel adequately supported and their needs met and acknowledged. The Project may also be able to meet certain costs and expenses incurred by participants.

Graham is able to offer advice and is also a qualified Independent Advocate. Enquiries are welcome from anyone. To find out more please contact Graham Baskerville on 07483 113269 or email on 

International Dark Sky Landscape

Bodmin Moor has been officially designated as an International Dark Sky Landscape. Full details can be found here. Caradon Observatory is running a Dark Sky evening on 19th August at Jamaica Inn, so go along at 7 pm for the dinner event or 8.30 pm for free star gazing.

DH-CL Forever

Does anyone know a couple in or from the Parish or surrounding area with the initials DH and CL? If so please could you contact Peter Claridge on as I have some good news for them!

Cardinham Pop Up Pub

The Pop up Pub in Cardinham Parish Hall which first opened its doors on Saturday 21st January 2018 is going from strength to strength.

During each session the Hall is packed with friendly happy faces ranging from 6 months to much older!  Everyone enjoys the wide selection of beverages on offer served by efficient bar staff, and is a marvelous opportunity to meet friends old and new in relaxed surroundings for a good chat. Many thanks to the organisers and all who are helping to make these wonderful evenings such a major success.

 Update on Bodmin Moor Ancestry Project

Jodie Lampert, a PhD student from Leicester University, is researching the interesting ancestry of surnames in the 12 Parishes on Bodmin Moor, as part of her thesis on the history and population dynamics of Cornwall. She visited our area in September looking for male volunteers with particular surnames and whose grandparents were born on the Moor to help with her study. Many of the surnames that she was interested in were well represented in the Cardinham area.

Jodie needed samples of saliva from men for her to analyse the make up of the male specific Y chromosome, so unfortunately lady volunteers were not suitable. All information obtained will remain anonymous and confidential, although the summary conclusions will be available once her study is complete.

Thanks to a lovely and successful trip by Jodie to Bodmin Moor last month, including local TV coverage for the project and for several volunteers, the sampling part of her study is coming to an end soon. She will have some preliminary results of the Bodmin Moor Y-chromosome typed up on her website by Christmas. After that the next step will be to compare them with Y-chromosomes from men in other parts of Cornwall and from Devon.

 Although Jodie is still interested in all the surnames listed on her website, she is making one last appeal to find men with the following names whose paternal ancestors were born on the Moor. These represented the highest percentage in the moorland Parishes in 1881 so are especially interesting to her. If you know any local males with these names who would like to take part in this interesting and important project, please ask them to contact Jodie as soon as possible:


Jodie wants to thank everyone that has helped her with her project. Please check her website if you are interested in the results of her project which will be ongoing for the next year, so there is a lot to look forward to!

 Full details on her project and the list of surnames can be found on Jodie’s Bodmin Moor Project website or by contacting her by email at

Progress with Parish Hall Extension

The first stage of the much needed extension to the Parish Hall has now been completed and pictures can be found on the Parish Hall Facebook page. The Parish Hall Committee is now working hard to source the additional funding needed to complete the building so that it can be opened for the benefit of our community as soon as possible. If anyone has any ideas where to find sponsors or benefactors please contact the Committee!

The Fuel Bay Cafe

The The Fuel Bay Cafe at Cardinham Airfield is now open for snacks, drinks and, from mid October, Sunday roasts (booking recommended). Come along and enjoy great food whilst watching the aeroplanes taking off and landing.

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