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Annual Cardinham Parish Meeting 2023
The Annual Parish meeting held on 23 May was well attended and heard excellent talks by Citizens Advice Cornwall and the Tamar Toll Action Group, as well as updates from the Parish Council and our Cornwall Councillor Jenny Cruse.
Citizens Advice Cornwall is an independent charity offering helpful advice to the community on a wide range of issues. Although shortage of support and time makes it difficult for them to cope with every demand in person, a wealth of information is available on their website 
The Tamar Tag Toll Action Group comprises local people and businesses campaigning for the removal of the tolls for crossing the Tamar via the Bridge or Torpoint Ferry. It is working with the Tamar Crossings Management and seeking support from local MPs and interested parties to prepare a business case to persuade the Government to abolish the Bridge and Ferry tolls and assume central responsibility for their upkeep. Further information can be found on their website

Have you secured your email account?

Your emails contain a lot of information about you, so it’s crucial you make your email password strong. If criminals get into your email account, they could access personal information that could be used to scam you or others. To make it harder for them, always use an email password that you haven’t used elsewhere. Your email inbox can also act as a ‘gateway’ to your other accounts. Once they can access it, a criminal could use the ‘forgot password’ option to request emails enabling them to get into other accounts, such as your social media.

How to secure your email account

Your email password

Using a combination of 3 random words creates passwords that are long enough and strong enough. Avoid words that can be guessed, like your pet’s name or birth month. Adding numbers and symbols is a good way to make your password even harder to guess.

Turn on 2-Step Verification (2SV) for your email

2-Step Verification (2SV) gives you twice the protection so even if cyber criminals have your password, they can’t access your email. 2SV works by asking for more information to prove your identity. For example, getting a code sent to your phone when you sign in using a new device or change settings such as your password. You won’t be asked for this every time you check your email.

Hot to turn on 2-Step Verification (2SV)

·      Turn on 2SV for Outlook

·      Turn on 2SV for Gmail

·      Turn on 2SV for iCloud

If you are using an email service that does not offer 2SV, please consider switching to an email provider that does.

How to check if one of your online accounts may have been compromised

Services such as can tell you if your personal information or any of your account passwords have been made public in a major data breach. If you have been affected by a data breach, you can find some useful information here from the National Cyber Security Centre on how to how to protect yourself from the impact of data breaches.

For more advice on how to stay secure online, please visit

Livestock Worrying

Incidents of livestock worrying increased in Devon and Cornwall throughout May according to Police. Devon & Cornwall Police are reminding the public to keep dogs on leads when visiting Devon and Cornwall’s open spaces. Livestock worrying is when a dog attacks or chases livestock, it is a criminal offence and can have a devastating impact on livestock, farmers and in some circumstances the dog and the owner. Rural Affairs Officer for Devon & Cornwall Police, PC Chris Collins said: “We are hoping that by encouraging people to respect our countryside and communities this bank holiday we can also ensure responsible dog ownership and remind people of the law. All land is owned, and access is not a given right, so it is important that users of the countryside understand specific designations of land and ‘rights of way’. For example, on land which is designated as ‘access land’ a dog must be on a lead between the 1 March and 31 July and at all times when livestock are present. Allowing dogs to chase or attack livestock is a criminal offence. Take notice of local signage, respect wildlife and any livestock around you, keeping your dog on a lead to protect livestock and ground nesting birds. If you witness an attack on livestock, do not intervene, keep yourself safe and call 999. All other information relating to attacks on livestock should be reported to the police online or by calling 101”.

For useful free resources with tips about how to keep rural communities safe please see the Devon & Cornwall Police website here.

Road Closure

The below Road will be temporarily closed to allow works to be completed on the highway.

If you have any queries regarding these works please contact the Utility direct on the number below.  Any responses to this email received by Street Works will be forwarded to the Utility for them to respond.

Please note that this is only an Intention Notice and as of yet an Order has not been issued.

Please respond with any feedback within fourteen days from the date of this e-mail.

Location:         Brighton Water Hill, Cardinham

Timing:            30th June 2023 (09:30 to 15:30 hours)

Contact:          Sunbelt Rentals – Tel: 03700 500792

Please click the following link for a map:

Latest News from Cardinham Airfield
The March edition of the Bodmin Flyer newsletter can be found here
REMINDER – Time to cut trees and hedges
Just a reminder to all householders and land owners/occupiers that you only have until the end of February to discharge your responsibility to cut back hedges and trees which are obstructing or encroaching on public highways, bridleways and footpaths. Thank you to the many that have already been done. However there are still quite a few areas in the Parish where cutting back is needed for safety reasons so please can you check and take the appropriate action to rectify any problems. The Parish Council has sent out letters to some people asking for this to be done but if problems persist Cornwall Council can give formal Notice for work to be completed and if not done within 14 days will take action themselves and charge the resident/land owner of the property. Thank you for your assistance. 
NHS Patient Leader

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has just launched its Patient Leader Programme.  The Trust is committed to putting the voice of our patients, carers and families at the heart of everything they do and working in partnership with people and communities.  Volunteer Patient Leaders will be recruited to work alongside their staff, as equal members of the team, influencing and shaping their services to meet the needs of our community.  Patient Leaders will join meetings, committees, focus groups and ad hoc events to contribute their lived experiences, wisdom and expertise, working together with them to engender meaningful change and improvements. More information can be found on the attached NHS Patient Leader poster. If you are interested please contact the RCHT Patient Engagement Team if you wish to apply before the closing date of 7 February 2023.

Rural Cost of Living Survey

The Rural Services Network seeks to provide a voice for rural communities by representing rural services, networking between rural service organisations and establishing and broadcasting best practice in rural service provision. It comprises SPARSE Rural, the Rural Assembly, the wider Rural Services Partnership and the RSN Community Group. The organisation works with Rural England, a stand-alone CIC research group.

The RSN has just featured the following article in its weekly rural newsletter:, It is encouraging as many people as possible to complete its survey which is being held in partnership with the Citizens Advice Rural Issues Group. Research commissioned by the RSN last year shows rural areas are suffering more acutely from the rise in the cost of living compared to urban areas. The purpose of the survey is to understand more about rural household budgets at, what is, a very difficult time for many. Results from the survey will help the RSN to engage more effectively with Government Departments, MPs and other policy makers. The survey can be found at the following link:

Home Security

Nearly two-thirds (65%)* of us are worried about our home being broken into, yet there are simple, proven measures we can all take to halve our chances of being burgled. Neighbourhood Watch has joined forces with its longstanding primary smart security partner, ERA Home Security, to promote its Think WIDE(N) burglary prevention campaign:

W: WINDOWS: Keep your windows locked

I: INTERIOR: Put inside lights on a timer/smart bulb
D: DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors
E: EXTERIOR: Put outside lights on a sensor
(N): NEIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for your neighbours


Leaving home? Use this free home security checklist to leave your home safe and secure.

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch Network, said ‘We know that by securing your home’s windows, interior, doors, exterior and keeping an eye out for neighbours, we can all give ourselves the best chance of preventing burglary. If you have been burgled recently, criminals are familiar with your home and may come back once you’ve had time to purchase new items. Act soon to avoid being retargeted – use the WIDE(N) advice for a combination of simple yet effective prevention measures.’

Learn more at

Latest news from Cardinham Airfield
The January edition of the Bodmin Flyer with lots of interesting articles and news can be found here Bodmin Flyer Jan 23
Proposed Cornwall Devolution

Cornwall Council has signed a draft agreement with the Government on a new devolution deal for Cornwall at a special event held at Spaceport at  Cornwall Airport Newquay. The proposed deal will bring £390 million of extra funding, and hand over crucial new decision-making powers to tackle key local issues. This would be the second such deal for Cornwall, with the first, signed back in 2015, bringing tangible benefits for residents including establishing an integrated bus network which gave us the ability to run the reduced bus fares pilot, which was introduced this year and saved passengers around £1.4 million in its first three months.

Specific areas which could directly benefit from the new proposed deal include:

  • Tackling the housing crisis
  • Creating high-paid jobs and upskilling the workforce
  • Boosting the economy and supporting net-zero carbon innovation
  • Providing energy security through nationally leading renewable energy plans
  • Delivering sustained investment in the transport network
  • Protecting Cornish heritage

The proposed deal is dependent on Cornwall changing its model of governance to a directly elected mayor system, which would be the biggest change to local government in Cornwall since Cornwall Council became a unitary authority in 2009.

A public consultation is now open on Let’s talk Cornwall at The consultation closes at midnight on 17 February 2023. Cornwall Council will be hosting a live event for residents, on Tuesday 13 December on Facebook: and YouTube: They are also looking into arranging three further public events to be held in west, mid and east Cornwall. Details will be shared when available.

Information about the proposed Cornwall Devolution Deal is being shared to help people in making an informed decision about the content of the proposed deal, and required change in governance from a Leader to an elected Mayor. There is more information about the proposed deal, including the film of the presentation and a link to the consultation on Let’s talk Cornwall, available on the Council’s website: and a link to the film of the presentation delivered at the T&PCs Proposed Devolution Deal briefing events here

 AONB Monumental Improvements Newsletter

The December edition of this Newsletter can be found at  AONB Newsletter It has some interesting news of local interest including the excavation of King Arthur’s Hall
Thanks from Cardinham Parish Council

It seems timely for the Parish Council to record again its thanks to the band of willing volunteer Parishioners who regularly check that our three Defibrillators, located in Cardinham, Millpool and Littledowns, are operating properly. We all hope that these important pieces of medical equipment will never need to be used, but it is absolutely vital that they are in full working order if an emergency does arise.  So please carry on with your good work! Hopefully we’ll be able to organise some more refresher training sessions, but in the meantime if anyone has any questions about our Defibs or other first aid issues please check out the Health tab on our website  or email:  Also use our email to let us know if you spot any problems with our Defibs. Thanks.  

Cardinham (Bodmin) Airfield

2023 EVENTS                                                     

January 1st (Sun)New Year Day’s Fly-in at the UK’s 1st AeroECOfield.

April 22nd(Sat) TOPNAV Competition. Local SW area and a lot of fun so come and join us.

May 13th & 14thVintage Aircraft Club (VAC) Fly-in (Music & Poetry on Saturday evening)

June 3rd (Sat)Ladies Day Fly-in. Remember Bessie Coleman, 1st African American lady pilot

July 15th & 16thGrasshopper Gathering – an L-Birds event. (Military Wings & Wheels)      

                     & 20th Anniversary of our Bodmin based SKY4 pilot aircraft covers company.

July 30th (Sun)Lundy Sunday – 23 years since the first Lundy Fly-in. – PPR essential

August 19th(Sat)Cornish Pasty Fly-in & Kernow Kapers Fun DayCornwall Air Ambulance

September 9th(Sat)Cornwall Strut Fly-in. The perfect end of season meeting for us all.

Our Diner 31 cafe is open for food and drinks all year round.

Tiger Moth & Stearman Flights have yet to be added plus the Car Club Days are also missing from the plan – so watch the website

All events are supported by the Cornwall Flying Club and the Cornwall Strut of the LAA.

Woods Forestry Work
The timber harvesting programme in Cardinham Woods that was scheduled to start on 7 November 2022 has been cancelled. The exception will be 9 – 20 January 2023 when the forest will be closed to public access in order for forestry works to take place above the entrance road and busy visitor areas. There is more information about this work on the website at For any queries please contact
Bodmin Moor International Dark Sky Partnership
A new Steering Group for the Bodmin Moor International Dark Sky Partnership has been established, comprising representatives from a wide range of organisations: Association of Bodmin Moor Commons Landowners, Caradon Observatory, Cornwall AONB Unit, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Cornwall Council, CPRE Cornwall, International Dark-Sky Association, South East Cornwall Tourism Association, South West Lakes Trust and Visit Cornwall. The Steering Group will work to support the Dark Sky designation including promoting the distinctive qualities and status of the designation, supporting outreach and bidding for funding. Its meetings will be quarterly and there will be annual reports. Further details are set out in the attached terms of reference. A map of the designation is also attached (the core area coincides with the Bodmin Moor parcel of AONB and there is a 2 mile buffer zone around this). Background information with ideas on how communities in any location can get involved with supporting the dark night sky and manage their lighting are available at

Winter Wellbeing

Cornwall Council is working hard to support residents to keep warm and healthy this winter and to reduce fuel poverty in the County over the coming years through its Winter Wellbeing initiative. Full details of the schemes and help available can be found here 
The Sustainable Warmth Fund
This fund which is the new grant-funded energy efficiency scheme from the Government, aims to improve the EPC rating of your home with a range of energy saving measures, to reduce (or offset rising) heating costs, making your home warmer and improve your general health and well being. 


Cornwall Council works in partnership with OVO Energy Solutions to deliver this scheme to homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The scheme runs until March 2023, so find out if you are eligible for support today by looking at the Sustainable_Warmth_Fund_Flyer

Citizens Advice Newsletter
The autumn edition of the Citizens Advice Cornwall Newsletter – Citizens – can be found on their website at It contains important information about coping with the cost of living and rising energy bills.
Local mobile meal service
Carleen Penney with her ‘Chan Tea Van’ has kindly offered to include Cardinham Parish in her regular rounds and will deliver every Tuesday & Friday at 6pm, starting on 31 May. She will be parked opposite Cardinham School by the Tourist Information bus shelter to start with to see how it works. You can see her sample menu here:


Please support Carleen and her local business by placing orders which can be paid for on collection by cash or card (Sum Up card reader). She can be contacted by phone (07920 044722) or personal message via her business page on Facebook (Chan ‘tea’ van).

Dog behaviour
Please can anyone owning a dog and living in or visiting the Parish please clean up after their pet has responded to the call of nature, and dispose of any waste in an appropriate manner. There have been a number of very unpleasant incidents when children have stepped in dog fouling in the Woodside playing fields and surrounding paths. Dogs should not be exercised on School grounds and must be kept under control at all times especially when on rights of way across private land, in fields and on the Moor to avoid worrying of livestock. Thank you for your consideration to others.
Bodmin Charrette Update
A Charrette is defined as an intensive multi-disciplinary public meeting or workshop with the aim of developing a design or vision for a project or planning activity.

Latest news on the outcome of the Bodmin Charrette held on 18-22 March can be found here: Bodmin Charrette

Following the launch of the Bodmin Town Centre Charrette on 1st March, a leaflet and briefing note about the Charrette process, together with information on how to get involved can be found here: Bodmin Town Centre leafletBriefing note for Bodmin Town Centre CharretteLocal residents and businesses invited to shape the future of Bodmin town centre You can also view a short film about the Charrette here:  We want to encourage representation from all parts of the local community to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say on the future of the town centre so please take part.

Bishop of Truro dedicated commemorative brass at St Meubred’s Church
In May 2022 St Meubred’s Church, Cardinham organised the Dedication of a replica of the oldest brass in Cornwall, commemorating Thomas Awmarle Rector of Cardynham 1356-1401, by the Bishop of Truro and a talk by Paul Cockerham about the significance of this brass. Thomas lived through a pandemic, the Black Death, when between a third and half his people died. He lived through terrible warfare. The Black Prince, Edward III’s son, terrorised France burning and looting town and countryside. Thomas lived through climate change, this is when the Little Ice Age began. The climate chilled, crops failed, prices rocketed. We think he is a man for our times just as much as the 14th century.
Annual Vintage Tractor & Vehicle Road Run
The annual vintage tractor and vehicle road run, organised by Tim Keat for Kidney Research, took place in Cardinham on 8 May leaving from the top of Peaches Hill at 10am. All proceeds were in aid of Kidney Research –  £5 per vehicle with a donation for passengers. It ended at Cardinham Parish Hall for fish and chips and a super raffle with lots of excellent prizes.
Citizens Advice – Cornwall
The latest Newsletter from the Charity Citizens Advice Cornwall – Citizens – Spring 2022 – has some interesting and useful information on what they are doing and how to get help. 
Police Advice about Cold Callers
We have had reports of people calling door to door in residential areas selling household items and cleaning products etc, we would like to remind residents to remain vigilant when dealing with cold callers.
Whilst there is nothing at this time to suggest there is any criminality involved, unsolicited calls of this type can be unsettling or intimidating for many people.
If someone calls at your door wishing to sell something or promote a business or charity, you are under no obligation to buy or to even open the door and you should never invite someone selling or collecting door to door into your house. A door chain or spyhole can help you decide if you wish to speak with the person before opening the door. Or, you could have a sticker or notice in your window stating you do not receive cold calls at your home.
If you see something suspicious, you are not happy about someone you have seen in your area, or you are concerned for a neighbour then please call us on 101 or email Use 999 if urgent or you think a crime is being committed.
Remote Access Scams
More than £50 million was lost last year to scams where victims are tricked into handing over control of their computer or smartphone to criminals.


New data from Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, reveals that 20,144 people fell victim to scams where they were persuaded to grant criminals remote access to their device. Victims reported losing a total of £57,790,384 – an average loss of £2,868 per victim. 

What are remote access scams

Remote Access scams will often begin with a browser pop-up saying that your computer is infected with a virus, or maybe a call from someone claiming to be from your bank saying that they need to connect to your computer in order to cancel a fraudulent transaction on your account. Regardless of the narrative the fraudster’s use, their goal is to steal your money or access your financial information by tricking you into allowing them to remotely connect to your computer.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Mullish, from the City of London Police, said:

“While remote access tools are safe when used legitimately, we want the public to be aware that they can be misused by criminals to perpetrate fraud. We often see criminals posing as legitimate businesses in order to trick people into handing over control of their computer or smartphone. 
“You should only install software or grant remote access to your computer if you’re asked by someone you know and trust, such as a friend or family member, and never as a result of an unsolicited call, browser pop-up or text message.”

How to protect yourself

  • Only install software or grant remote access to your computer if you’re asked by someone you know and trust, such as a friend or family member, and never as a result of an unsolicited call, browser pop up, or text message.
  • Remember, a bank or service provider will never contact you out of the blue requesting remote access to your device.
  • If you believe your laptop, PC, tablet or phone has been infected with a virus or some other type of malware, follow the NCSC’s guidance on recovering an infected device.
  • Protect your money by contacting your bank immediately on a different device from the one the scammer contacted you on.
  • Report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via If you are in Scotland, please report to Police Scotland directly by calling 101.
Homes for Ukraine
If anyone in the local community thinks they might be able to offer a home to a refugee who has been forced to flee from Ukraine to avoid the danger of the Russian invasion, please follow this link to the official UK Government website to find out full details and to avoid any false websites or scams.
Care at Home
Information on the “Care at Home” and “Live-In Care” services provided by the organisation Nurseplus can be found by following these links Care at Home Live-in Care
Inclusion Matters

Inclusion Matters, which is commissioned by Cornwall Council, is a partnership between Age UK Cornwall, Disability Cornwall, Inclusion Cornwall, Digital Inclusion and Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) who leads the service. In addition we work with Cornwall Health Care Trust (NHS) to support hospital patient discharge across the county.

Our Service Offers:

Inclusion Matters is for the benefit and support of anyone with health and wellbeing needs within your parish districts.  This service is in response of the ‘Big Vision 2050’ strategy for Cornwall.  The aim being to facilitate and support the development of localism within our Cornish Communities, with a focus on two of the key priorities a Healthy Cornwall and a Connected Cornwall. In addition, advance the government’s strategy for all adults to have a good foundation of the five essential digital skills. We are available to help and support the needs of individuals or community groups who require some extra support, through difficult times they may be facing.  We provide information, advice, guidance, and support community development, either on a one to one or group basis.  We offer a free service through Cornwall Link to connect our communities to each other.  This can be access here:

Hospital Patient Discharge:

Combining and promoting inclusion and empowering independence as part of the ‘Adult Social Care Prevention Offer’.  Our hospital discharge service is focussed on alleviating the pressure of patient readmissions upon the NHS.  We accept referrals for any adult patient on Pathway 0, with a focus on isolated or lonely individuals.  We support patients upon and following hospital discharge and up to six weeks thereafter.  This can be through information, advice and guidance, practical help, befriending and a host of other means.  In addition, we have close links with Cornwall Carers Service, Veteran Carers Service, and can make direct referrals or provide, where applicable, for the unpaid Carer/Relative.


We have a bank of volunteers who can where appropriate be matched to clients.  We can help anyone wishing to volunteer to find a placement within their own community.  This could be either with the Inclusion Matters service partners, or with a completely different organisation.


Furthermore, we have a selection of leaflets and contacts, plus resource information gathered through our ongoing asset mapping of our local communities.  This may also be of help to you as you carry out your role. The following leaflets:

1 – IM CCC Promoting Inclusion & Empowering Independence Project Leaflet

2 – Inclusion Matters A5 Leaflet

3 – IM Cornwall Link Flyer

4 – IM Cornwall Link Poster

5 – IM Hospital Discharge leaflet

6 – IM Hospital Discharge Pathway A4 Leaflet

7 – IM Volunteer Leaflet

explain and provide an overview of the services offered by Inclusion Matters in Cornwall


If anyone would like to access any one of our services, we accept both self-referrals and professional referrals.  The only exception is in relation to our hospital patient discharge service, where we invite medical professional referrals only. 

Please email completed referral forms for any of our services to:

Our website can be accessed here:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the service please do not hesitate to get in contact, either by phone or email.   Further specific contact details can also be found on the leaflets I have attached.  Please note, this is not a marketing email.  We are keen to reach out, and where appropriate discuss any possibility of any collaboration which could be of benefit to your parish or the wider communities within Cornwall.

Angela Jones, e-mail:

Cornwall Rural Community Charity, 2 Princes Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2ES

Cardinham Eco Airfield
Cardinham Airfield has become recognised as probably the largest natural meadow in the SW. It has frequent visits from the Farming Wildlife Advisory Group, Exeter University and others who now look upon the site as an extremely valuable resource for natural growth, insects and wildlife. The Airfield Manager, Jay Gates, has written an interesting article describing what’s going on there. If you are curious and wish to know more please contact Jay on 01208 821419.

POLICE WARNING: Mimicking of Bank Fraud Department Phone Numbers

Current research is showing that scammers are somehow mimicking the telephone numbers of bank fraud departments, so that when the victims checks the caller ID and compares the number against the one printed on the back of their credit cards, the numbers are the same.

Examples so far:
 0467 02/06/2021 –Barclays bank number mimicked. Victim lost £27,000
0290 01/06/2021 – First Direct number mimicked. Victim lost around £30,000
0578 01/06/2021 – Lloyds number mimicked. Victim lost around £25,000

Residents are asked to exercise caution when receiving phone calls of this type and avoid dialling numbers printed on the back of cards,  If in doubt where possible check with your local branch for updates of your account

Dog theft

Devon & Cornwall Police are paving the way in the region by appointing a dedicated dog theft lead. Chief Inspector Rob Curtis has been assigned to help tackle what is currently perceived as a rising crime.
There has been an increase in demand for dogs nationwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has inflated prices for puppies and dogs. Nationally, dog theft cases have increased by 170% in 2020.
There have been a number of dog theft stories circulating on social media, which has led to growing concern, amongst owners both locally and nationally. Chief Inspector, Rob Curtis wants to reassure people that Devon & Cornwall Police take dog theft very seriously he said “Theft of a beloved pet causes major distress to the owners. Although dog theft is very rare, we want owners to be aware and to take safe precautions to help protect their dogs from this crime. At home make sure your garden is secure, try not to leave your dog outside unattended, be careful of bogus callers or displaying signs that say, ‘my poodle lives here’.
Microchipping is a legal requirement and essential to helping returning pets to their owners. Chief Inspector Curtis urges all owners to visit their vet and have their pet microchipped with all contact details kept up to date in the event of moving home or changing a phone number. In addition to the appointment of a Force lead, Devon & Cornwall Police now have 30 microchip scanners, some of which have been donated by Dog Lost to help reunite dogs with their families. This is another step towards helping tackle dog theft.

What to do if your dog goes missing
It’s important to establish if your dog has been stolen or has got lost. If your dog has gone missing from your garden, it usually won’t wander far. Check with your neighbours and ask them to check their gardens and garages. If you still cannot find your dog, check with the local dog warden, tell the microchip company your dog is missing and call local vets and rescue centres.
If your dog is being stolen and someone has physically taken your dog from you, shout that your dog is being stolen and attract attention. If you can take photos or videos and report it to the police by calling 999. If there are any witnesses nearby, ask for their contact details and report your missing dog to the microchip company. There is more information on our website that will give you more information and places to go for help:

How to contact the Police

With the current restrictions in place, Devon & Cornwall Police are seeing an increased demand with reports and concerns around Covid 19 breaches. The force offers many ways for people to contact them in a non-emergency should they need help. To make sure communities receive the best service please follow these simple steps when contacting the police:

  1. Are you wanting to report a breach of Covid 19 restrictions?
    If you are reporting a breach of restrictions then you can do this using the national reporting form on the website – If you are wanting specific advice on current restrictions, please visit the FAQs section on the police website which provides all the latest information and advice.
  2. AskNED – the non-emergency directory
    Need to ask a question but not sure who to ask for help, then AskNED –  
  3. Go online –  On the website you can find the answers to many of the questions people ask when calling the police plus lots of helpful information and advice.
  4. Report Crime Online If you need to report a crime or tell the police something, then why not report online using WebChat or the Crime Reporting Form.  Alternatively, you can email
  5. Call – 101 Non-emergency number Remember in an emergency, always call 999

In an emergency you should of course ring 999 and ask for the appropriate Emergency Service.

Warning to Dog Owners

Police are warning people to be on their guard as there has been a spate of attempted “dognappings” in and around our area. In particular you should watch out for strangers, often in unmarked white or similar vans, showing an interest in your dog or asking where owners or breeders might live. There have been cases of people being approached aggressively and attempts made to grab their animals. If you see anything suspicious or experience an attempted attack please do not put yourselves at risk but report the incident immediately to the Police.

Cornish Buildings at Risk

The Cornish Buildings Group are leading a three-year Historic England/ Cornwall Heritage Trust grant funded project to identify and campaign for Cornish buildings at risk. The Group has maintained a register for buildings at risk since 2014 but has done so with volunteer support only. This funding will support a case officer who will have dedicated time to champion buildings at risk in the county. The aim of this project is to identify and monitor buildings at risk and seek solutions for neglected, redundant or derelict listed buildings. You can volunteer to support the project and/or report historic buildings or valued heritage assets which are either derelict or not being properly looked after to Attached is a Building at risk form v1 that will help to provide the project with some background local knowledge. The form and the current list of buildings are available on their website

Ancient woodland alive with amazing arachnids

Cardinham Woods has emerged as an unlikely hot spot for a number of scarce UK spiders. Tylan Berry, Cornwall Area Organiser for the UK’s Spider Recording Scheme, has identified more than 50 species in the forest, eight of which are the first official records for Cornwall:

1.Triangle Spider (Hyptiotes paradoxus): A scarce woodland spider that is especially fond of conifers. It is named after the triangular shaped web that it uses as a net to catch flying insects.

2. Crescent Comb Foot Spider (Parasteatoda lunata): This spider creates a messy tangle web between branches and hides in a rolled-up leaf that it hangs in the centre of the web.

3. Multicoloured Shiny Head Spider (Scotina celans): An uncommon and scarcely seen spider that lives in damp areas of moss and leaf litter in shaded woodlands.

4. Serrated Tongue Spider (Centromerus serratus): This rare and endangered money spider is currently only found in a dozen or so woodland locations in the south of the UK. It is named after the saw-like projection on the male palps.

5. Winter Litter Spider (Macrargus rufus): A larger and widespread money spider that is red in colour and found in leaf litter in the colder winter months.

6. Horn Palp Spider (Sintula corniger): Another scarce money spider that lives in coniferous woodland. This spider gets its name from the large horn-like palps of the male.

7. Pallid Little Eye Spider (Porrhomma pallidum): This money spider lives in dark areas such as under stones and logs. As its name suggests, it is a pale white colour and has small eyes which aren’t needed much in the dark places it lives.

8. Yellow Comb Tail Spider (Hahnia helveola): This tiny yellow spider lives in leaf litter in woodlands and is named after the very long row of spinnerets at the back of its abdomen, similar to a tarantula.

These characterful critters have all been found and identified in just one small area of the forest, leaving rangers wondering how many more amazing arachnids have made their home in the woodland.

Tylan explained: “Many people don’t stop to consider the wildlife that lives in a conifer plantation, but if you pause to look a little closer, the whole forest is alive. Finding a scarce species is always exciting and finding the first of its kind in a new location is even better. To find eight is remarkable and I plan to spend more time at Cardinham to see what else is thriving here. The habitat at Cardinham Woods is particularly interesting because the ground and the subterranean communities are much older than the existing forest and are very well established and productive. Alongside this, the forest is thoughtfully managed by Forestry England, with lots of different micro habitats being created and retained for spiders, and other creatures, that have different habitat requirements. This produces a rich diversity throughout the area which can be unusual in a woodland site.”

Cardinham Woods Ranger, Chris Mason, said: “Cardinham Woods is a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) which means that, as well as producing sustainable timber, we’re gradually managing the forest back to the way it would have been several hundred years ago. The forest’s unique character has produced a rich diversity of plants and creatures, which we support, protect, and improve as we manage the forest to thrive for generations to come. Tylan’s finds have been extraordinary and will be useful in helping us make the best decisions to care for the forest and the wildlife that lives here.”

Next time you’re walking at Cardinham Woods, take a closer look at the tree trunks, fences, logs, and banks to see what you can find. Take a photo of your discoveries and upload it to the iNaturalist app for help identifying your beastie, and to help build important records of UK wildlife. Download the free app at

WARNING – Suspicious people and activities

Please be alert for people or vehicles acting suspiciously as there have recently been a number of thefts of property and livestock in the area, as well as unknown people offering services such as tarmacing, gardening, tree lopping etc. If you notice anything suspicious or are sadly the victim of theft please report it to the Police using their 101 phone number. You can also alert our local Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters (Tel: 01208 269991, Mob: 07714-323897, Email chris.batters@cornwall who is keeping a log of incidents in the local Parishes so that intelligence can be shared. Most importantly do not put yourself at risk or in danger if challenging someone about their activities.


Just a reminder about Cardinham Helpline which was set up in 1995 as a voluntary caring organisation to assist anyone in the Parish. Their work normally falls into three categories:

DRIVING – Transport to appointments, hospitals, clinics, local surgeries and day centres. Unfortunately suspended during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

PRACTICAL WORK – Local shopping, fetching prescriptions, changing library books. Accompanying to shops, or on walks. Cooking an occasional meal. Sitting with the elderly or sick to give carers a break. Emergency babysitting, small jobs in the house or garden on a temporary basis. We can also help with form filling.

SUPPORT/BEFRIENDING – visiting, supply a friendly listening ear and help in finding appropriate professional expertise.

Unfortunately all lunches and afternoon teas have been suspended until further notice.

They also publish a Parish Directory which is delivered to newcomers to the Parish, so if you have slipped through the net and would like a copy please contact Rosemary Rowe, its secretary, and she will ensure you receive a copy. Telephone 01208 821225

For any help or information regarding Helpline, please contact one of its Co-ordinators: Shirley Searle: Telephone 01208 821304 or Gill Long: Telephone 01208 821745

Bodmin Way – support network

Keeping safe and keeping well – the Bodmin Way vigil – a message from Rev Paul Holley on behalf of the Bodmin Way:

We want to support the health and wellbeing of people in these difficult times and also encourage people to keep an eye on their vulnerable neighbours.

We want to spread the word around Bodmin and local villages about people and organisations, like our Bodmin Way, that can guide others and help them.

This week we will be inviting our town’s organisations and businesses to declare what they are doing now and what they hope to do in the future.

By the end of this week we will create pages on our Bodmin Way website ( containing this information and start to share information regularly from our Bodmin Way FaceBook page to local FaceBook groups such as Bodmin’s Voice .

By the end of this month a newsletter will also be distributed by email and where necessary on paper.

If you are an organisation or individual that can offer help or advice then email without delay or just add a comment on this post.

To keep informed you can follow the Bodmin Way on FaceBook and if you want to subscribe to our newsletter please email

Update on Bodmin Moor Ancestry Project

I’m pleased to announce that Jodie Lampert, who has been researching the ancestry of surnames in the 12 Parishes on Bodmin Moor as part of her PhD thesis on the history and population dynamics of Cornwall at Leicester University, has successfully completed her Doctorate. Well done Jodie!

Many of the surnames that she was interested in were well represented in the Cardinham area. She made some surprising discoveries including a significant difference between a few of the variants on the Y chromosomes between the Cornish samples versus those of Devon – this is most likely due to the higher levels of Anglo-Saxon immigration into Devon than into Cornwall. As for Bodmin Moor, the Y chromosomes of the 47 local samples that were assessed proved to be more similar to those of Devon than to the Cornish ones – she attributed this to the closer proximity of the Moor to Devon, than to west Cornwall (where most of the Cornish samples came from). Most of the thesis is readable but you can skip to Chapter 4 – to see the surnames used – and Chapter 7 – to see the results explained (hopefully) clearly.

Jodie sends her thanks to everyone who helped in her research which has inspired a great love of Bodmin Moor in her and convinced her to holiday here whenever she can! She is also willing to field any questions on her past and future Cornish ancestry projects, as well as recommendations where to visit and stay on her future trips. She can be contacted through her website

Old Photos of Cardinham Parish Wanted

Do you have any old photographs of Cardinham and the surrounding area. If so please would you like to let us have a copy? It would be really good to compile an online photographic archive of our Parish which would not only be of general interest to people now living here but also as lasting record of the past for the future.

One specific interest is of St Meubred’s Church, and in particular photos taken from the south side showing the fir tree growing out of the grave to the left of the path.  We are interested to try and estimate the age and growth rate of the fir tree that emerges from the grave of the Reverend Thomas Grylls (1790-1845), who was an eminent 19th Century Rector of St Meubred’s for 31 years, as its root ball masks any inscriptions that might be on the base of the cross which stands at the head of the grave and next to that of one of Thomas’ sons, Humphry Millett Grylls.

Any information or photographs showing this area would be gratefully received to assist in the extensive research of the Grylls family currently being undertaken by a distant descendant.

Many thanks in anticipation for any old photos of Cardinham you would like to share so that we can preserve the heritage of our beautiful Parish. Please send them to

More Life Saving Defibrillators in the Parish

As some of you may have noticed, we now have three Community Access AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in the Parish. This is great news as the swift use of a Defibrillator in a cardiac emergency along with performing CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) on the casualty until the Ambulance arrives, really does save lives. For those of you living in the South-East of the Parish, there is another Defibrillator outside the Village Hall in Mount.

Our two new Defibrillators, courtesy of generous funding from the Callybarrett Wind Turbine Community Fund and the National Lottery, have been installed by FLEET/Duchy Defibrillators on the outside wall of the Chapel in Millpool and beside the Common in Littledowns. The cabinet housing the original Defibrillator in the old telephone box opposite the School in Cardinham has been upgraded. Thanks must also go to the people who are “hosting” the new installations, as well as to those volunteers who respond and help in an emergency.

Although AEDs are easy and safe to use, and will automatically “talk you through” exactly what to do in an emergency, it’s very useful if you’re able to attend a short training session to learn first hand how to use the equipment and perform CPR in a relaxed atmosphere before you might need to act in earnest. We will be offering sessions over the coming months in Cardinham and Millpool, and are also looking for people who would like to host small groups of friends and neighbours in their own homes for training. In this way we can get the message spread widely across the Parish, so please let us know if you would like to host a session.

In the meantime, please make sure you know where the closest Defibrillator to you is located, and ideally find yourself a personal “Defib Buddy” who you can ring in an emergency and ask to collect the Defibrillator for you and help administer CPR with you until Paramedics and the Ambulance arrive. You can also offer to be a “Buddy” for your friends.

Your first action in any emergency of course is to ring 999 to request an Ambulance. All of the information you need on what to do in a cardiac emergency and how to give CPR is on the Red Card that the Parish Council sent out to all households last year – the only change is that you now have to ask the Ambulance Control Phone Operator to give you the key code so that you can unlock the cabinet to get the Defibrillator.  If your Card has been mislaid you can get a replacement from me. Full details are also on our website

If you feel you can offer to help, we’re looking for volunteers who could monitor our AED cabinets every so often or join our small Support Network of people who respond to emergency alerts, if they are available, and go to where the Defibrillator has been taken to assist before the Paramedics arrive. In the longer term it would be fantastic if the Parish could develop its own First Responder Network of trained people able to administer a range of First Aid to casualties. If you have any thoughts on this, please let us know.

If you want to know anything more or think you can help, please let me know by emailing  or by contacting the Parish Council directly. Many thanks in anticipation!

South East Cornwall Native Woods Initiative

Richard Dorling is the Tree Warden for St Keyne Parish Council and is in the process of setting up a voluntary organisation “South East Cornwall Native Woods”. This is an opportunity to harness the enthusiasm people have for trees, bringing together those with land and volunteers who would like to help reforest the region.

The initiative will be tying in with the the Forest For Cornwall plans, concentrating on engaging the South East of Cornwall in this project. Saplings will be provided by the Woodland Trust and a minimal requirement for tools means the project can operate at no cost. Creating an organisation covering South East Cornwall will increase the number of opportunities to share resources, manpower and expertise.

Richard would like to hear from anyone who would like to get involved and promote this scheme where possible. Contact details: Email:; Facebook page:  South East Cornwall Native Woods

Helicopter Pilot Training over the Parish

There have been a number of complaints recently about commercial helicopters flying low over the Parish. These concerns were aired in an article published in the Parish Magazine in which it was asserted that Cornwall Flying Club had signed a contract with Cobham Helicopter Academy allowing them to carry out training of helicopter pilots from Bodmin/Cardinham Airfield.

Cornwall Flying Club which operates Bodmin Airfield has issued a statement confirming its desire to exist in harmony with the local community, as it has tried to do for almost 50 years. It states that it has not contracted with Cobham which is based at Newquay Airport and does the vast majority of its training there or elsewhere in the area. Bodmin Airfield is available to any aircraft that can safely use its facilities, and often plays host to the Air Ambulance, the Police, Navy, Army, RAF and private helicopters. Cobham helicopters visit Bodmin on the same basis as any other aircraft, and contrary to reports, visit the area on average only several times a month for short periods and are not doing continuous circuits over the Parish.

Cardinham Flying Club does everything in its power to reduce disturbance to local residents, and has impressed upon all helicopter operators, including Cobham, that: training circuits from runway 31/13 must be flown to the west over the open fields between the airfield and Bodmin town; all circuits on runway 21/03 must be flown to the north over the fields on the opposite side of the A30 from Cardinham and Millpool; no helicopter shall fly over Millpool; and on approach to runway 31 or climb-out from runway 13, helicopters should turn before overflying Cardinham. These instructions are part of the standard Bodmin Airfield Procedure for Noise Abatement, available on its website.

Bodmin Airfield Training Circuits

Cornwall Flying Club Ltd is a not-for-profit enterprise and represents a unique training opportunity for SW residents. Over the last half century more than 1,000 pilots, most from Cornwall and Devon, have qualified at Bodmin, and many have gone on to rewarding careers in aviation with the military or commercial airlines. In addition, the Bodmin Airfield-based charity FOG – Feet Off the Ground – works hard for many worthy causes, especially with children and young adults. There is a standing invitation for local resdients to visit the Airfield to talk about how its operations are run, and how it could possibly do better. Also its café, Diner 31, run by Cardinham residents Keith and Dottie Elderkin, is open five days a week, and everyone is welcome. It’s hoped that residents will take up these opportunities.

Devon & Cornwall Police Alert

  • There has been fraudulent activity at the victim’s bank and the staff at the bank are involved, the victim is then asked to withdraw money to either keep it safe or assist the police with their investigation
  • A business such as a jewellers or currency exchange is fraudulent and they require the victim’s assistance to help secure evidence by purchasing jewellery or exchange a large amount of currency to hand over to the police
  • The victim’s card has been compromised and used to purchase goods by a suspect, the victim is requested to withdraw their money to keep it safe or hand over their bank card to the police
  • Occasionally the victim will be told to dial a non-emergency extension of ‘161’ to receive confirmation of the individual’s bogus identity, the bogus official will advise the victim to lie about the reason for the withdrawal or purchase if challenged by staff, as the staff member is involved in the fraud
  • A courier attends the victim’s home address to collect the goods the same day, often the victim is given a code word for the courier as a way of authentication

What you need to do
Your bank or the police will never:

  • Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password
  • Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping
  • Ask you to transfer money out of your account
  • Send someone to your home to collect cash, PINs, cards to cheque books

From: Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

More Defibrillators for Cardinham Parish

It has recently been announced that the Callybarrett Wind Turbine Trust has provided a generous financial award to Cardinham Parish Council to fund a second Community Defibrillator in our Parish. In addition we have just heard that a bid to the Lottery Fund has also been successful so we will be able to install a third Defib in Littledowns and upgrade our existing one in Cardinham to the latest technology. Plans are underway to finalise the details so that these life saving additions to our local capabilities can be installed as soon as possible. Further training on when and how to use defibs, as well as other first aid tips, will be arranged in due course. Everyone is reminded to keep their Emergency Red Card close to their phone, and to try and arrange a personal Defib Buddy who could bring the nearest Defib to you in the unfortunate event of a cardiac emergency, whilst you continue to administer CPR until the Ambulance arrives.

How to protect yourself from Cyber Crime

Following the interesting and important talk at our Annual Parish Meeting by Grahame Mace from the Devon & Cornwall Police Digital Capabilities Unit, here are some helpful tips on what to look out for and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of Cyber Crime:

1. The Metropolitan Police’s ‘Little Book of Cyber Scams’ covers everything we didn’t in the presentation:

– It’s definitely worth printing off to have at hand for specific guidance.

 2. Get Safe Online:

– A great site which gives advice for individuals, businesses and children on all aspects of internet safety.

 3. Take Five to Stop Fraud:

– Advice on financial and banking fraud

4. The National Cyber Security Centre:

– The NCSC is the governments ‘arm’ of cyber.  Lots of information on latest threats, incident management and guidance

5. Another useful tool is to input your email address into the ‘Have I Been Pwned’ website and the site will advise if your address has been involved in a data breach:

– Very useful to check this if you are receiving a lot of spam email in your account.  If you find that your account has been compromised, change your password immediately.

6. Reporting fraud and Cyber Crime to Action Fraud:  Telephone number 0300 1232040:

The Bodmin Way

A new walking, cycling or driving trail has been created by the Churches in the Bodmin Team Ministry to encourage locals and tourists to visit five churches in the surrounding Parishes: St Meubred’s in Cardinham, St Petroc’s in Bodmin, St Stephen’s in Nanstallon,  Lanivet Parish Church and St Hydrock’s in Lanhydrock.

Full details can be found at

Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 8 May

The Annual Cardinham Parish Meeting was held in the Hall on Wednesday 8 May. This was a good chance to hear what’s going on in and around our Parish as well as to ask questions. Attendees were also treated to excellent talks on how to protect ourselves from the ever present threat of Cyber Crime, and also what we should all be trying to do personally to help combat Climate Change. It was also announced that our Tourist Information Hub is now operational in the Bus Shelter in Cardinham, and Parishioners were asked to help protect it from potential vandalisation by regularly keeping an eye open for any suspicious activity in the vicinity. We were also urged to treat our Parish with respect, not to drop litter and to clean up after our dogs.

Levow Kesson Mixed Voice Choirs

Levow Kesson Mixed Voice Choirs are run by Musical Director Heather Taylor, and meet in St Neot Chapel Schoolroom every Tuesday evening, arriving 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.  Subs are £2.  Members are drawn from across South East Cornwall, and anyone of all levels and abilities wishing to have a taster session or join will be warmly welcomed.  Further details on the Choirs can be found here

Cornwall Family History Society

The Cornwall Family History Society (CFHS) is a charity that was established over 40 years ago to help promote genealogical research and to aid people with their family history questions. For the past several years it has focused on expanding its online presence and advertising to those people whose ancestors left our county. However, with the temporary closure of the Cornwall Record Office (CRO) ahead of its impending move, the CFHS has decided it is time to focus more on it roots. Further information can be found here or on its website

Information for Visitors and Tourists

Cardinham has its own Tourist Information Hub, located in the redecorated bus shelter across the road from the school next to the defibrillator. This houses a large map showing the footpaths and bridleways in the area, together with a new Parish Noticeboard and Posters highlighting interesting facts and points of interest. There are also super packs of leaflets, produced with the Bodmin Information Centre and the Bodmin Community Network, giving background information on Cardinham and our surrounding areas – Blisland, Bodmin, Helland, Lanhydrock, Lanivet and Withiel.

Brochure pic

Copies of the Posters on Points of Interest around Cardinham Parish and on St Meubred’s Church, as well as the Leaflets, can be downloaded.

So spread the word to find out and explore Cardinham and our surrounding areas – we live in a beautiful and interesting place!

Looking for that new or different exercise regime? 

Then it may be time for you to try Morris Dancing

You have probably seen Trigg Morris out and about enjoying performing their dances & putting on a show. It is now time when those with an aspiration for the Morris Dance are invited to enlist as Dancers or Musicians. Perhaps you do not fancy Cricket or Rugby, so this may be just  the team sport for you, especially if you have half an an ear for the music. Whether a novice or experienced you should soon be able to perform with style.

Members of the Side come from all over the Eastern half of Cornwall, so there may well be someone near you who is part of the action, therefore do not let distance be an issue.

Trigg Men enjoy entertaining the Public on a regular basis from May to September, and occasionally at other times, but all gatherings will end with some socialising that generates the camaraderie that is usual amongst Morris Sides.

We currently hold weekly practices on Thursday Evenings in Lanivet at 8 pm, so if you feel it is for you please get in touch.

To see more have a look at our website or Facebook page, then email or call Roger on 01208 73907.

Building local capabilities to cope with medical emergencies

Following the installation of the Defibrillator in the telephone box in Cardinham for use by our Community if needed for a cardiac arrest, and our publicity campaign to raise awareness what to do in an emergency and encourage people to have a Defib Buddy, the Parish Council is now hoping to be able to fund additional Defibrillators in Millpool and Little Downs over the coming year. This will extend the coverage in our Parish of life saving equipment for use in the event of cardiac emergencies. Our local abilities would be further enhanced if we could expand our band of volunteers who would be willing to help in an emergency. So if you might be interested in volunteering to become a Defib Buddy, an informed Helper, a trained First Aider, or even an Ambulance First Responder, please contact us directly or via the website for further information. The responsibilities are not time consuming or onerous but would be invaluable if an emergency occurs in a local household, and could save lives.

Cardinham Helpline – an invaluable local resource

Cardinham Helpline was set up in 1995 as a voluntary caring organisation to assist anyone in the Parish.  Our work falls into three categories:

DRIVING – Transport to appointments, hospitals, clinics, local surgeries and day centres.

PRACTICAL WORK – Local shopping, fetching prescriptions, changing library books.  Accompanying to shops, or on walks.  Cooking an occasional meal.  Sitting with the elderly or sick to give carers a break.  Emergency babysitting,   small jobs in the house or garden on a temporary basis.  We can also help with form filling.

SUPPORT/BEFRIENDING – visiting, supply a friendly listening ear and help in finding appropriate professional expertise.

MONTHLY LUNCH CLUB – for those living in the Parish in Cardinham Parish Hall on the third Thursday of each month, excepting August, at 12.45pm.  To book lunch please call Julia 01208 821216 or Shirley 01208 821304

We also publish a Parish Directory which is delivered to newcomers to the Parish, so if you have slipped through the net and would like a copy please contact Rosemary Rowe, our secretary, and she will ensure you receive a copy. Telephone 01208 821225

For any help or information regarding Helpline, please contact one of our Co-ordinators:  Shirley Searle:  Telephone 01208 821304 or Gill Long: Telephone 01208 821745

You can help the hungry

Foodbanks which distribute essential supplies to the needy are unfortunately a sign of our times. They rely totally on donations from the local community for the food to give to people who can’t supply enough for themselves and their families. You can help by donating food and dropping it off at local collections points in Millpool Methodist Chapel and St Meubred’s Church for onward distribution via the Bodmin Christian Fellowship to local families. Full details can be found here

What you can do to save a life

Cardinham Parish Council has sent an informative letter and reminder card to all households in the Parish explaining what people can do to help if someone has a cardiac arrest in their home. It is suggested that everyone asks someone living close to their nearest defibrillator to become their personal Defib Buddy who they can call in an emergency to bring the defibrillator and help give Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) until an ambulance arrives. This needs to be done quickly just before ringing 999 for an ambulance and asking for the defibrillator cabinet to be unlocked, as the phone line will be held by the Emergency Operator to give advice once they have been called. Further details can be found on the Defibrillator and Dealing with a Cardiac Arrest pages.

If you would like to offer to be someone’s Defib Buddy to help them in an emergency, please send your name and contact details to Julie Best, the Chair of Cardinham Parish Council

Cycling Church

St Meubred’s has become the first Cycling Church in the UK. Early in October Bishop Chris of St Germans dedicated the newly installed Cycle Prayer Station which has been gloriously decorated by pupils from Cardinham Primary School.

Cycle church 1

St Meubred’s Church wanted to make it known that it especially welcomes cyclists and walkers who are enjoying the delights of the surrounding countryside. People are invited to bring their thoughts and prayers to the Prayer Station by tying ribbons to the bicycle or writing on and attaching luggage labels. The original idea came from a member of the congregation who sadly lost a close friend who had been passionate about cycling. More details on the Prayer Station can be found here

Building Better Opportunities Project

The Building Better Opportunities Project is an EU and Lottery funded initiative aimed at helping unemployed people (aged 18 upwards) in Cornwall to improve their lives & move closer towards paid employment see here for more details). The Project can assist people by helping them overcome barriers as well as helping them access and engage with services including training, education and work experience that will move them closer to their personal work aims and objectives in a person centred way.

Graham Baskerville holds a keyworker role in this Project and works for the Charity  Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change (see here for more details). Graham aims to help the individual focus on preparing a work focussed plan and helps in facilitating logical steps to bring them closer to their goal. Friendly, regular contact and reviews also help ensure participants in the Project feel adequately supported and their needs met and acknowledged. The Project may also be able to meet certain costs and expenses incurred by participants.

Graham is able to offer advice and is also a qualified Independent Advocate. Enquiries are welcome from anyone. To find out more please contact Graham Baskerville on 07483 113269 or email on 

International Dark Sky Landscape

Bodmin Moor has been officially designated as an International Dark Sky Landscape. Full details can be found here. Caradon Observatory is running a Dark Sky evening on 19th August at Jamaica Inn, so go along at 7 pm for the dinner event or 8.30 pm for free star gazing.

DH-CL Forever

Does anyone know a couple in or from the Parish or surrounding area with the initials DH and CL? If so please could you contact Peter Claridge on as I have some good news for them!

Cardinham Pop Up Pub

The Pop up Pub in Cardinham Parish Hall which first opened its doors on Saturday 21st January 2018 is going from strength to strength.

During each session the Hall is packed with friendly happy faces ranging from 6 months to much older!  Everyone enjoys the wide selection of beverages on offer served by efficient bar staff, and is a marvelous opportunity to meet friends old and new in relaxed surroundings for a good chat. Many thanks to the organisers and all who are helping to make these wonderful evenings such a major success.

 Update on Bodmin Moor Ancestry Project

Jodie Lampert, a PhD student from Leicester University, is researching the interesting ancestry of surnames in the 12 Parishes on Bodmin Moor, as part of her thesis on the history and population dynamics of Cornwall. She visited our area in September looking for male volunteers with particular surnames and whose grandparents were born on the Moor to help with her study. Many of the surnames that she was interested in were well represented in the Cardinham area.

Jodie needed samples of saliva from men for her to analyse the make up of the male specific Y chromosome, so unfortunately lady volunteers were not suitable. All information obtained will remain anonymous and confidential, although the summary conclusions will be available once her study is complete.

Thanks to a lovely and successful trip by Jodie to Bodmin Moor last month, including local TV coverage for the project and for several volunteers, the sampling part of her study is coming to an end soon. She will have some preliminary results of the Bodmin Moor Y-chromosome typed up on her website by Christmas. After that the next step will be to compare them with Y-chromosomes from men in other parts of Cornwall and from Devon.

 Although Jodie is still interested in all the surnames listed on her website, she is making one last appeal to find men with the following names whose paternal ancestors were born on the Moor. These represented the highest percentage in the moorland Parishes in 1881 so are especially interesting to her. If you know any local males with these names who would like to take part in this interesting and important project, please ask them to contact Jodie as soon as possible:


Jodie wants to thank everyone that has helped her with her project. Please check her website if you are interested in the results of her project which will be ongoing for the next year, so there is a lot to look forward to!

 Full details on her project and the list of surnames can be found on Jodie’s Bodmin Moor Project website or by contacting her by email at

The Fuel Bay Cafe

The The Fuel Bay Cafe at Cardinham Airfield is now open for snacks, drinks and, from mid October, Sunday roasts (booking recommended). Come along and enjoy great food whilst watching the aeroplanes taking off and landing.

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