Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor comprises approximately 17,000 acres of common land including Tawna Downs, Long Downs/Bunnys Hill, Cardinham Moor/Fore Downs, Cardinham Downs, Racecourse Downs, Littledowns and Treslea Downs which fall in the Parish. Commoners may have the rights to undertake certain activities on specified areas such as grazing livestock (Common Rights).

2016-05-17 14.13.24

Photo: Peter Claridge

In March 2016 the Bodmin Moor Commons Council Establishment Order 2015 came into force giving the elected Council of 24-26 members the responsibility to oversee the good use and management of the Moor. The active grazier representatives for the Cardinham area are Geoff Smeeth and Stephen Lyne, and the non active grazier representative with Warleggan is Martin Eddy. The composition of the full Council can be found here and further information on the Council’s website

Further information on Bodmin Moor including its natural history, heritage, parishes and villages, can be found here

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