Cornwall Council Services

The Cornwall Council website provides useful information on Council services in your area. To access details most relevant to your location you can click on this link: My Area and then enter your postcode and address. Information available includes the name of  your Councillor and services in your area including waste and recycling collection dates (including calendar), your nearest library, one stop shop, waste and recycling centre and safe places, as well as local car parks, roadworks near you and schools in your area.

You can report many things online to Cornwall Council, including problems with roads, bridleways and paths, potholes, abandoned vehicles, anti-social behaviour, missed refuse collections, fly tipping, breaches in planning control, by completing one of their Report It forms

There is also an Interactive Map of Cornwall which shows all Public Rights of Way, as well as the locations of schools, leisure centres and other useful facilities. In the event that there is some problem that needs addressing by Cornwall Council you can identify the footpath number, or grid reference and email that to Councillor Batters together with details of the problem, ideally with a copy to the parish clerk. The map of the Cardinham area can be found here

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