Council Procedures

During the current situation with Covid-19, Cornwall ALC Ltd has offered this advice:
The most important advice is that the council should adopt a broad delegation which will allow it to continue to operate outside of meetings until such time as the advice changes. Rather than using physical meetings, the council should use email and its website as far as possible to replicate debate and the gathering of public opinion. The legislation allows for the council to delegate to an officer but not individual members and the wording of the resolution below reflects the law.
In view of the above, on 11/04/20  the Cardinham Parish Council resolved :



That the Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and
Vice Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure council business continuity during the period of the pandemic Coronavirus, informed by consultation with the members of the council

Updated Standing Orders and Financial Procedures adopted at the Parish Council’s meeting in August 2021:

Standing Orders 2021

Financial Regulations 2021


The Standing Orders and Financial Regulations adopted by the Cardinham Parish Council at its meeting in July 2017 can be found below:

CPC Standing Orders

CPC Financial Regulations

The Cardinham Parish Council Mission Statement, read out at the October 2017 meeting, can be found below:

Cardinham Parish Council Mission Statement

Cardinham Parish Council operates under the Code of Conduct for Local Councils

Code of Conduct March 2021- Local Councils 10.5

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