Emergency Plan

For the avoidance of doubt in case of an emergency the first call should be to the emergency services 999

At the time the neighbourhood plan questionnaire was sent the Council included an emergency plan sheet of questions. We were asking for able bodied persons who would be able to assist in the case of an emergency, ideally they would have police, military, or medical training including first aiders. We are also looking for equipment that might be used in an emergency such as generators, chainsaws, boats, fire equipment. In addition we would like to know of anyone who could provide temporary accommodation.

The defibrillator is installed in the telephone box opposite the school in Cardinham village. Where it is needed first call the ambulance service 999 and explain the problem and ask them to release the defibrillator. It is most important that you start the CPR as soon as possible and continue for as long as you are able.

A Parish Meeting was held on 7 May to outline progress with the Emergency Plan and engage further community support. A Report of the meeting can be found here.

If you have not already volunteered to help in the event of an emergency you can offer your services by completing the original questionnaire Emergency Plan Questionnaire and emailing your response to cardinhameditor@cardinhamparish.net. We plan to publish a list of people to contact in the event of am emergency, by completing the form you are agreeing for this to be published.

Emergency Medical Training

Ana Jackson recently moved to Cardinham. She is a qualified first responder at her London address, and much more in her professional life. Ana has volunteered to train people simply and thoroughly on CPR, the defibrillator and other emergencies that might be encountered in daily life in Cardinham. The training sessions are on the first Monday of each month in the Cardinham Parish Hall at 6pm for one hour (except Bank Holidays).

The first training session on 6 June was well attended and we were taught how to give CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and use our AED (automated external defibrillator). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend future sessions.

More information can be found here: Emergency First Aid

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