Financial Information

Budget and other Finance Information can be found here:

Budget to Actual 2020-21 to Aug 20

July 20 Recn

Aug 20 Payments

July 20 payments

June 2020 Bank Reconiliation

June 2020 Payments

May 2020 Payments

April 2020 Payments

Governance Statement, Annual Return, Certificate of exemption, internal audit report and notice of public access dates 19/20

Bank Reconciliation February 2020

Budget to Actual 31032020

Payments March 2020

Budget 2020-21

Draft budget 2019-20 v1

Empl Liability Ins CPC 18 -19

Annual Gov Statement CPC 18-19

Annual Accounting Return CPC 18-19

Explanation of variances CPC 18-19

ProForma Bank Recn CPC 18-19

Certificate of Exemption CPC 18-19

CPC 18-19 Notice of Public rights

Budget to Actual Mar 19 – updated re vat and donations

Bank Reconciliation March 2019

March 19 Payments – updated re donations

CPC 17-18 Confirmation of dates

CPC 17-18 Notice of Public Rights

CPC 17-18 Certificate of Exemption

Governance Statement 17-18

Annual Return 17-18

Variances 17-18

May 18 payments revised

Budget to actual to May 18 (draft)

Bank Reconciliation to 30 April 2018

CPC FA Register 17-18

Bank Reconciliation to 31st March 2018

Budget to Actual to March 18 – Final

Budget 18-19

Internal Auditors report : Final Internal Audit Report 2016-17

External Auditors report : External Audit 16/17

Financial and associated information relating to the 2016-17 accounts of the Cardinham Parish Council can be found below:

16/17 Notice of conclusion

1617 Commencement Notice

1617 Declaration

1617 Annual Governance

1617 Accounting statements

1617 Internal Audit

Budget actual 16-17 Final – REVISED

Budget Actual to March 17 Final comparison


External Auditors Report: 2015-16-external-auditor-report

Conclusion of Audit Report: 2015-16-conclusion-of-audit

Reconciliation to March 2016

Financial and associated information relating to the 2015-16 accounts of the Cardinham Parish Council can be found below:

CPC Declaration of status of published acounts 2015-16CPC Annual Internal Audit Report 2015-16CPC Accounting Statement 2015-16CPC Annual Governance Statement 2015-16CPC Notice re Exercise of Public Rights -Accounts for year ended 31.03.16

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