Medical Training

Emergency Medical Training Sessions

After several training sessions over the past two years we now have a small but keen band of local residents who have learned valuable life saving skills on dealing with medical emergencies including heart attacks, major bleeds, choking and fractures, as well as the use of our defibrillator and how to give CPR. Much useful information can also be found on this webite. However all residents are strongly encouraged to attend future training sessions so that the knowledge on what to do in an emergency can be spread widely throughout our local community for the benefit of us all. Responding immediately to a medical emergency with simple first aid before the ambulance or paramedic arrives, has been shown to increase the casualty’s chances of recovery significantly. Hence sharing first aid tips and arranging emergency medical training sessions to help people feel more able and confident to respond when the unfortunate happens is seen as an important community function.

ICE & Message in a Bottle

Heart Attack & Stroke

Dealing with a Cardiac Arrest

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