Millpool Chapel

There is a Methodist Chapel in the hamlet of Millpool about 1.5 miles North of Cardinham.

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Millpool Methodist Chapel was built in 1860 and enlarged in 1991 by building a large Sunday School and kitchen which has now become Millpool’s Community Room. A new entrance porch was added at a later date and finally the disabled toilet which allowed the kitchen facilities also to be enlarged.
Millpool Methodist Chapel has always had a strong tradition of music; the Millpool Chorale, a group of approximately 20 lady singers, can be found practising in the Community Room on Monday evenings.
Special events are widely advertised in the local area by the Cardinham and Millpool Newsletter, the village notice boards or the Millpool News in the Cornish Guardian. These vary from Sunday lunches to quiz evenings, a beetle drive or a fun social evening for all the family and much, much more.
Faith, fellowship and fun has always been all inclusive at Millpool. A warm welcome awaits everyone who attends and we look forward to meeting old friends and making new.
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