Consultation on Planning Applications

Emergency Scheme of Delegation:

Due to the restrictions placed on Cardinham Parish Council as a result of the COVID 19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it is unable to meet in public until further notice to consider Planning Applications. As a consequence it is putting in place an alternative Emergency Scheme of Delegation, with advice from the Cornwall Association of Local Councils (CALC), that will satisfy the requirement to allow comments to be made within the 21 day statutory consultation period. Further modifications may be forthcoming from Cornwall Council as the Planning Authority. A summary of this process is given below:

i) The Clerk will advertise on this Website links to all Planning Applications received from the Planning Authority, offering the public the opportunity to provide their views in writing via email to The notice will give a deadline of 5 working days for public comments to the Clerk in writing. At the same time the Clerk will circulate the list with links to all Councillors.

ii) At the end of the public opportunity to comment, the Clerk will forward a summary of the public comments received to all Councillors with a request for their comments within a period of a further 5 working days. Under GDPR, the Clerk should not circulate individual responses without the writer’s express permission.

iii) Under the Emergency Scheme of Delegation, the Clerk and appropriate Councillors will agree a draft Council response which identifies relevant material considerations and may give local information or opinion. The draft response is then shared with all Councillors for 2 days for any further comments before being sent to Cornwall Council with the following statement :
“Due to the restrictions placed on the Council as a result of the COVID 19 (coronavirus) pandemic, this response represents the opinion of Cardinham Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Council.”

iv) The Council’s response will then be posted on this website.

v) If the matter is referred back to the Council under the 5 day protocol, the Emergency Scheme of Delegation will allow the Clerk to take any appropriate action to respond on behalf of the Council.

vi) This temporary system is to enable Parishioners to share their views with the Parish Council, and does not replace an individual’s right to post comments directly on Planning Applications on the Cornwall Council Planning Portal.

Planning Application for Consideration:

The following Planning Applications have been received for consideration by Cardinham Parish Council, and public comments are invited in writing via email to by the date shown:

PA20/01151 Land lying to the East of Deviock, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DA. Extension of an agricultural shed for the drying and storage of harvested timber, together with associated works. (26/03/2020)

Link to PA20/01151 planning page

PA20/02196 Ms Amanda Searle, Land North Of Bellhay Church Road Cardinham Bodmin PL30 4BL. Submission of details to discharge condition nos. 3 and 4 in respect of Decision Notice no. PA19/04455. (10/04/2020)

Link to PA20/02196 planning page

Cardinham Parish Council Comments on Planning Applications:

The following comments have been submitted to Cornwall Council following public consultation and Council consideration using the Emergency Scheme of Delegation outlined above:

PA20/01151 Cardinham Parish Council’s response








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