Neighbourhood Plan

In order to discover the views and needs of Cardinham Parish residents, your Council sent out just short of 300 questionnaires in 2014 and received roughly 85 replies. The responses were collated and can be read in the Parish Survey Results

The Parish Council is now exploring whether the community wishes to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan to inform future improvements in the local area. A Parish Meeting was held on 7 May to explain what is involved in neighbourhood planning and to give residents the opportunity to have their say. A summary can be found here.

Further information on neighbourhood planning can be found in the following Guide Roadmap to Plan

If you would be interested in being part of a team to prepare the neighbourhood plan and put it forward for a local referendum please complete the 2016 Cardinham Neighbourhood plan SIGNUP sheet and send to It was out of such plans that St.Ives and Fowey are contemplating that new homes must be lived in.

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