Welcome to the Cardinham Parish Website. This includes Millpool, Little Downs, Fore Downs and Welltown

Cardinham Parish, with its  villages and hamlets of Cardinham, Millpool, Little Downs, Fore Downs and Welltown, lies between the A30 and the A38 just before Bodmin as you descend from Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. It’s here on this website that you can find out the latest about what’s available, what’s happening, and what’s planned.

Launched in the autumn 2014, this community website seeks to enable residents to be better informed of what’s happening, to join or form local clubs, to be more involved in community decision-making, and to take full advantage of the facilities available. The inspiration and coaching for this was provided by Warleggan, thank you Chris

It also aims to provide visitors and residents with ideas for things to do, and places to go, and a forum through which ideas can be discussed.


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